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Nutritionist Li Chun mother to share with you – Sohu in maternal and infant complementary feeding for infants have a fever director fans have a child, a senior nutritionist nicknamed Li Chun mother, micro-blog nutritionist, she every day through various forms of pictures, text or video, share and treasure the mother love baby’s daily food supplement. She hopes to be able to help more new mothers in this way. Recently, the director of Mama group have a fever, a treasure the mother infant food supplement on the specific time of the discussion. To this end, Li Chun nutritionist pointed out that whether or Chinese nutrition society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or other authority, that time is the best baby food supplement for 6 months. But when Li Chun and nutritionist choice in 5 months to add supplementary food. But in general, 4-6 months can add complementary. According to their individual differences, time is not strictly limited and strict procedures. It is 4 months or 6 months to add it? This time gap is still very big, treasure mother how to do? In addition, what about the baby food? Add food supplement in weight and how to do? How to add food supplement drink, drink? How to arrange the food during diarrhea and so on? Sina micro-blog Li Chun dietitian if Po mom has a similar problem, please pay attention to have a fever director lecture thirteenth parenting "nutritionist Li Chun mother to share with you to add" infant food supplement in September 28th 19:30-20:30, together, and we have a fever director lecture thirteenth parenting parenting studio, Be There Or Be Square oh! The main contents of the 1 complementary methods of lectures, food supplement and principle 2, infant nutrition demand 3, common add lecture time: September 28th 19:30-20:30 lecture: speech + image registration: 1, the number of public medical attention WeChat Er fun to learn more, pediatricians, vaccine experts and nutritionists parenting class; 2. Add micro signal [raiingxxr] registration, according to the prompts. Li Chun: Li Chun, female, nutrition experts, director of the capital health nutrition delicacy society, Chinese Nutrition Association, is the Institute of Medicine (Beijing Saifu Carey Club dietitian nutritionist, nutrition lecturer) during pregnancy and lactation, good nutrition and 0-3 Bao Baowei raised. Won the title of "health China" 2012 excellent, 2013 Chinese ten public dietitian nutritionist. Attended the Central People’s radio voice of Hongkong "life 1+1" column, "CCTV2 guest kitchen King tournament" delicacy judges, nutrition science book series "only" editorial and other nutritionists know相关的主题文章:

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