Paid Survey News Is Lewis Hamilton Your Favourite Formula One Driver

Sports-and-Recreation Formula One is fast paced, exciting and highly competitive. F1 drivers are incredibly skilled at controlling a racing car at extreme speeds on challenging courses to win coveted world championships. Start Your Engines: Formula One Grand Prix Calendar Is Underway Last year was jam-packed with dramatic races, controversial laps, near misses, exploding tyres, big crashes, sore losers, proud winners and new records. Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to win eight consecutive races in one season. His accomplishment was not easy, and controversy followed as he overtook fellow Red Bull team mate Mark Webber against team orders and intercepted his victory. This is just one story from last year, so what can we expect this year? British drivers Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Max Chilton have already raced in the Australian GP, which saw Hamilton retire, and Button come third, and the Malaysian GP, where Hamilton was victorious. Great Britain has produced many world champions currently, but who is your favourite? The Fast And The Favourites: Who Is Your Top Formula One Driver? A recent paid survey revealed that 40% of respondents selected Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button as their favourite formula one driver. A rivalry has existed between the pair and comparisons of their performances and skillsare often made. The votes were close between Hamilton and Button; 21% of participants choose Hamilton as their favourite and 19% chose Button. 29% of 16-20 year olds chose Hamilton as their favourite F1 driver, whereas just 18% chose Button, which suggests perhaps Hamilton may be popular with younger panellists. Hamilton debuted in Formula One in 2007; however, Button began his F1 career in 2000 meaning he could possibly be more familiar with more mature audiences. Hamilton looked impressive in the Malaysian GP and was dominant throughout the race. BBC F1 analyst, Allan McNish said he had obviously done some good work on how the circuit would change overnight and evolve on race day1 this was a turnaround from the Australian GP which forced Hamilton to retire due to engine troubles1. This has generated excitement about Hamilton for the rest of the season. Jenson Button is showing good form and is set to compete in his 250th* Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain. Button himself is feeling confident about his prospects and has a successful career behind him already. Button states Every 34-year-old in F1 now is fitter than ever. Fernando [Alonso] trains flat out and I do the same to keep young and to do 56 laps in Malaysia at 100%.2 Just 4% of respondents choose Alonso as their favourite current F1 driver, despite his previous success. Fellow Brit Max Chilton received just 1% of panellists votes, however, he only debutedin Formula One in 2013 so has plenty of time to build his popularity. Interestingly, 4% of survey respondents chose Sebastian Vettel as their favourite F1 driver. Even Finlands Kimi Rikknen, who is a previous world champion, was only the favourite of 3% of the 6366 respondents, showing that all eyes are on Hamilton and Button on this occasion. Race To Valued Opinions For Paid Online Surveys If you want to get paid for surveys and have your say on similar topics, register at Valued Opinions today. You can take part in paid surveys that interest you and get rewarded with vouchers for leading retailers. This article has been written by a third party. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Research Now or its Valued Opinions panel. The statistics referred to in this article were collected from pre-screener questions directed to members of Research Nows Valued Opinions panel. The information is presented without warranty, express or implied. Source: 2…theguardian../sport/2014/apr/02/bahrain-grand-prix-jenson-button-250th-formula-one-race About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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