President Xi Jinping’s letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban

President Xi Jinping a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the original title: President Xi Jinping a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 4 November, 4 President Xi Jinping sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on climate change, "Paris agreement" formally effective congratulations. The letter reads as follows: President Xi Jinping to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s letter Dear Mr. Secretary General: in the joint efforts of all parties, "Paris agreement" today officially entered into force, become one of the international treaty on the history about the fastest effect, positive signal transmission of the international cooperation on climate change to the world. China expresses sincere congratulations. Since the twenty-first party conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change adopted the Paris agreement in December 2015, the international community is committed to promoting the agreement as soon as possible. China signed the agreement on the first day of the opening of the Paris agreement in April 22nd and ratified the agreement in September 3rd. As president, China has pushed the group of twenty for the first time to issue a statement on climate change, in order to promote the signing of the Paris agreement to provide political support. Mr. Secretary held in New York this year a series of signed and approved the "Paris agreement" high level activities, and made a special trip to Hangzhou to attend the China US deposit "Paris agreement" approval documents. Dealing with climate change is a common cause of human society. The Paris agreement opens a new stage for global cooperation to address climate change. China adheres to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, will vigorously promote the development of green low-carbon cycle, to take strong action to address climate change. China is confident in the next stage of the process of global climate governance, willing to work with all parties concerned to strengthen communication and cooperation in the framework of the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" and the "Paris agreement" and the main channel of sustainable development, make contribution to build a win-win cooperation, fair and reasonable global climate governance. Wishing you good health and good luck. People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping (signature) in Beijing in November 4, 2016 editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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