Primary and secondary school teachers in charge of the investigation lack of occupational well-being pretty rhythm

Investigation of primary and secondary school teacher: lack of occupation happiness allowance Beijing deposit attraction – crisis more responsibility, high pressure, low salary class teacher who will be the lack of occupation happiness, the force of one person to the whole education according to Ministry of education statistics, in 2015 the national compulsory education stage has 3473411 classes, in accordance with the relevant each primary and secondary schools should be equipped with a teacher ", the country probably has 3 million 473 thousand and 400 primary and secondary school teacher, accounting for full-time teachers in compulsory education stage in total (9 million 160 thousand and 800) 37.92%. Although the "provision" clearly the head teacher in primary and middle school teacher in charge of the work responsibilities and benefits, such as "teacher is an important position in primary and secondary schools, engaged in the work of primary and secondary school teachers is the important duty of" "teacher workload according to the local standard class teacher workload in half the teachers’ basic work" "the allowance into the performance salary management. In the performance of the wage distribution to tilt to the teacher. For the class teacher to take over the workload of the class, to exceed class allowance allowance." In 2016 the introduction of the "State Council on co-ordination to promote a number of opinions" within the county urban and rural compulsory education integration reform in the development is proposed to improve the work performance of the wage distribution incentive mechanism, adhere to the teacher’s inclination. But researchers have found that in addition to a part of primary and middle school teacher is a teacher voluntarily choose to apply, most of the teachers is to obey the school assigned to do the work of the teacher, if entirely teachers free choice, more than half of the teachers are not willing to be the teacher. Investigate its reason, the teachers generally reflect the task of teacher in charge, psychological pressure, low material treatment, lack of professional happiness. We also see that the class teacher’s work duties with the change of time has been extended and enriched, but the basic content tends to be stable, mainly concentrated in five aspects: political and ideological and moral education for students; the organization and management of the class, especially the daily management of the class; any communication teachers, parents and communities and families the formation of education, ability; to assess the performance of students; pay attention to students’ development in many aspects. Of course, most studies suggest that teacher is an important guide for the growth process of primary and middle school students, but this does not mean that no infinite boundary and responsibility of class work duties, the provisions of the work responsibilities should have quality. Can not be the need for class teachers, teachers, parents, community, and other efforts to complete the arbitrary responsibility for education on the head of the class teacher, the teacher’s ability to do a whole person’s education. More than half of the teachers in charge of working hours in the class teacher’s work on the survey results show that the average daily use of class teachers in charge of class (not including teaching) on the time of 4.08 hours. If in accordance with the "labor law of People’s Republic of China" in the daily working hours of workers not more than eight hours of the working hours system, then the teacher in charge of the teacher in more than half of the time spent on the work of the class teacher. Specific point of view, the teacher in charge of the work of 2 hours of the most teachers, the proportion of 27.16%; in addition, the red of the 50%相关的主题文章:

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