Qiu Yi James Soong and Cai Yingwen hidden ambitions to engage in transactions, decisive spot-clazziquai

Qiu Yi: James Soong and Cai Yingwen hidden ambitions to engage in transactions, see decisive core tip: Qiu Yi members felt that James Soong had wanted to fight for the SEF chairman, but Cai Yingwen turned to Wang Jinping, he was frustrated and had another idea by the expert advice to turn with 3 three strategy. Phoenix September 10th "Taiwan week" key, the following is the full text: Huang Jiateng James Soong: what is Cai Yingwen is not a breakthrough in cross-strait deadlock, we say it is a pawn, or a good person would like to, I would like to ask members of the committee, I would like to ask the Committee to give us a simple talk about why this special envoy the APEC list, the candidate for Taiwan, Cai Yingwen is so valued, you give us a little explanation. Qiu Yi APEC: of course it is important for Taiwan, because Taiwan is export-oriented economy, export-oriented economy in the regional economic integration, which is most afraid of being marginalized, the APEC is very representative, a mechanism of a regional economic cooperation index of the integration of Taiwan, it is not easy to in many of the indicators of regional economic cooperation, APEC is not easy for Taiwan to join. Well, of course when Taiwan joined, because between Taiwan and the mainland this awkward, so there was a memorandum of understanding, that is to say, only to the Taiwan economy the way to participate in the organization of APEC, so Taiwan can be representative to participate in the APEC, the special envoy, then must be a non political, especially the financial figures, so if this time sent to the central bank’s president, or CEPD chairman, or economic ministers, or private enterprise Tate, like Gu Zhenfu, like Zhang Zhong Mou, then Stan Shih, then there is no problem however, if you want a political person to a APEC, APEC become the envoy of words, I am afraid that the discussion. Because the APEC member countries, in the end who will be sent to send envoys, they are going to have a consultation before, and there is consensus, what is the consensus? That is to say, he did not pass the so-called more than the absolute number of votes to say, he must be agreed to everyone. So if some Member States put forward different views, you will be rejected to the person, so used to push, Chen Shuibian Li Yuancu, was rejected, to push Wang Jinping, was rejected, it has been to the Ma Ying-Jeou ruling period, because cross-strait relationship is very good so, this time I found that there are some political figures, like Xiao Wanchang, they basically are accepted, but now has become a stalemate between the two sides, so this time the special envoy of APEC, is very important, not only has real meaning, also have the index significance. Well, it’s about what Cai Yingwen was selling in a gourd. What was James Soong thinking? Cai Yingwen is regarded as a very important strategy to open the deadlock between the two sides of the board, but as to the position of James Soong put on it? James Soong The idea is to start James Soong for chairman of the SEF, but the DPP;相关的主题文章:

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