Rescued by pirates Taiwan individually redeemed opportunity but choose to leave (video)

Rescued by pirates: Taiwan individually redeemed opportunity but chose to leave the Taiwan round to rescued captain Shen Ruizhang hijacked by Somali pirates in recent five years in March 26, 2012, Seychelles waters to the south, Oman from Taiwan fishing vessel "NAHAM3" was hijacked by Somali pirates, 29 crew on board hostage. Captain Zhong Huide (Taiwan compatriots) resistance were killed, and in the nearly 5 years of captivity, 1 China nationality and 1 Indonesian crew members died, now down to 26. October 22, 2016, to assist partner organization hostage negotiation support rescue "(Hostage Support Partners HSP (John) Shidide coordinator Steed) released the hostages rescued news. The only surviving Taiwan compatriots – Chief Engineer Shen Ruizhang’s wife heard the news, the heart of the stone finally fell to the ground. Sted said it would be the best feeling for the 26 sailors to regain their freedom. Beijing News reporter Zhao Lei dialogue "hostage support partner" coordinator Shidide can let the hostages rescued is the most beautiful feeling of the Beijing News: I heard you were involved in the rescue operation to rescue the hostages, why do you want to participate in this action, which is associated with your previous life or work experience? Shidide: "hostage support partner" is a provision of food, medical and emotional support organization for the hostages and after in captivity. I served 37 years in the British army. I have a special feeling for the people of somalia. I want to help them build a nation where people can thrive. It’s probably the best feeling to have these 26 sailors free. Beijing News: Somali pirates requirements or exchange terms? Is there any change in the way? How do you solve it? Shidide: at first, the pirates demanded a ransom of millions of dollars. Over the past few years, pirates have come to realize that these people and their families are unable to pay huge sums of money. The hostages support partner, ocean pirates plan and many non-governmental organizations and international agencies together trying to persuade the pirates, so it is impossible to obtain high ransom, and humanitarian, the hostages should be released. We negotiated the terms of the rescue, the parties agreed to buy hostages. Beijing News: these hostages involved in the attitude of the country is what kind of? Shidide: I can not say that the specific details, but I can tell you, many countries including Denmark, the United States, negotiations Chinese, Holland, Britain and Norway set aside their differences and joint efforts to help rescue the 26 fishermen. It took us a long time to realize that it was impossible for them to release the hostages in accordance with their ransom demands. Beijing News: how to treat these hostages hostage? Shidide: hostage in very bad conditions being trapped for 4.5 years, they have little food, water and medical supplies, trapped in Somalia a very rough and hot, dry and isolated place. The hostages are motivated and trying to live each day. Dialogue rescued Taiwan compatriots Shen Ruizhang was rescued on the way to encounter two gun battle Beijing News: when did you know that they were rescued? Shen Ruizhang: 22 am, one)相关的主题文章:

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