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Business If youre shopping around for a time-tested classic .b binding machine, the Tamerica 190PB .b binder could be the machine for you. While basic in design and function, this binding machine has been around for years, allowing more than enough time for the verdict to .e in. And the result? A solid machine that people enjoy using. The Tamerica 190PB, once called the Tahsin 190PB, has been around for at least a decade. You very well may have used one if you have ever .b-bound documents in a classroom, school, copy center or small business. It utilizes the classic single handle design, which means one handle is used to punch paper and open .bs. This .b binder has a 2" binding capacity. The long .b opening fingers allow this binding machine to handle the larger 2" oval-shaped binding .bs. With a 20 sheet punching capacity, it takes just minutes to bind thicker books. Thinner books can be bound in no time at all. The handle on the 190PB is extra long, allowing for additional leverage. This makes the punching process easy. The Tamerica 190PB utilizes hollow ground dies. Why is this an advantage? Hollow dies are working against less surface area, making it easier to punch thicker stacks of paper. Hollow dies are far easier to use than solid dies. So why doesnt everyone use hollow ground dies? It is because hollow dies cost more to manufacture than solid dies. This .b binder utilizes 19-ring plastic .b binding. This format of binding punches 19 holes along the 11" side of a sheet of paper. The holes are rectangular in shape. The 19-hole configuration keeps pages tightly bound while still allowing for easy page turns. Plastic binding .bs .e in a wide range of diameters and are available in literally dozens of different colors. Black, red, white, green, brown and blue are some of the most .mon colors used. The 190PB not only punches paper, but can also be used to punch plastic binding covers, poly covers, card stock, clear covers and more. This makes the 190PB excellent for binding presentations, reports, booklets, instructional manuals, cookbooks and more. Because binding .bs are made out of plastic, .bs can be re-opened (adding and removing pages) and be re-used for recycling purposes. While this .b binding machine doesnt have selectable punching pins (aka disengageable dies), paper can be aligned pretty easily using the adjustable side margin control. This doesnt however, guarantee that you wont end up with half-punched hole on the edges of paper when binding smaller sheets of paper. While this binding machine isnt the most glorious thing Ive ever seen, it isnt ugly either. It blends in nicely with existing office dcor. The durable metal construction allows this machine to hold up with continued use. I wouldnt, however, re.mend using this machine for more than a few dozen books a day. You can find the Tamerica 190PB .b binding machine at ABCOffice… ABCOffice.. also offers a great selection of other .b binding machines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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