Richemont before five months sales fell 14% in the first half of fiscal year profit can be decreased kaya scodelario

Richemont before five months sales fell 14% in the first half of fiscal year profit can be decreased by 45%- Sohu [home] Geneva watch industry dynamic local time on September 14th, 14% and 13% respectively at the end of August fell in the first 5 months of sales at constant exchange rates and the real exchange rate of Richemont announced. Inventory is not included in the repurchase of multi brand retail partners, according to the constant exchange rate of the same period sales decreased by 10%. The status quo of an actual exchange rate by an exchange rate constant in the European -18% -20% -9% -12% -6% -8% America Asia Pacific Japan -25% -15% Middle East and Africa -10% -12% according to the -6% -8% -21% -22% retail wholesale jewelry watch -18% -16% -15% according to the Department of -19% +3% +2% -13% -14% other total in October 2015, Net-a-Porter and YOOX S.p.A to complete the merger. The data in the table are not included in the Net-a-Porter group’s pre sales. As expected, before the end of 5 at the end of August 2016 monthly sales lower than the same period last year, reflecting the 2015 challenge comparison data and repurchase stock and watch unsalable difficult global environment. The overall currency movements also have a negative impact on group sales. The following comments on the group’s performance are calculated at constant exchange rates compared with last year. Since June this year, after the referendum, the pound against a variety of currencies, the UK market sales growth. In other parts of Europe, sales were down year on year, especially in the French market, affected by the downturn in the tourism industry. The American market jewelry and accessories products sales momentum actively, but due to weak sales of watches, still show a downward trend overall. Growth in the Asia Pacific region, China and South Korea was offset by the continued downturn in the markets of Hongkong and Macao. Repurchase unsalable inventory, help multi brand retail partners strategies aimed at, is the two markets (Hongkong and Macao). Compared to the same period last year, higher data, the Japanese market downturn this year. Japanese yen strong consumer expectations in Japan, which has a significant impact on sales. As of August 5 at the end of the month before, Richemont Group sales in all major markets all fell, the decline is particularly evident in Europe and japan. Sales in other parts of the world have remained in the single digits, thanks to the support of jewellery and accessories. The wholesale business downturn reflects a sustained overall downward trend, the above mentioned stock repurchase measures watch. Other business Richemont group, thanks to MontBlanc, Chloé, Azzedine; Alaï a and Peter positive expression of Millar, the overall sales growth trend. Outlook Group expects相关的主题文章:

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