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Russian military: on the first day of a new ceasefire opposition agency shelling residential areas – Sohu in Moscow in September 13,   news (reporter Wang Xiujun); 13 local time, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff announced that the Syria army has stopped military action, but found the Syria opposition shelling residential situation. The first deputy director of the general staff of the Russian Armed Forces Combat Management Bureau Bozzini Hill said in Moscow on the outside, in addition to some Islamic state terrorist organization control area, 13, the Syria army has been completely cease-fire in Syria in other areas. Bozzini Hill said that the United States affected by the moderate opposition armed Syria is not completely ceasefire. The armed opposition in the system after the entry into force of the ceasefire still shelling residential and government positions 23 times. Bozzini Hill said, Russia found moderate armed opposition is re deployed to attack HAMA and Aleppo area. According to Russian satellite news agency, the deputy director of the Russian ambassador to Syria parties to the conflict ceasefire coordination center Kapitze said the outside world, a new round of overall compliance with the cease-fire regime in the northern region of Syria Aleppo. But the Syria government forces in the area of Castro highway by shelling, killing 2 people, 1 government soldiers were injured. 10, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Geneva on the implementation of a new ceasefire agreement between the parties to the conflict in Syria agreed. According to the agreement, from 12 onwards, the Syria government forces will stop the bombing of the armed opposition, the opposition armed forces in the fight against the government and the target must be kept within the Syrian terrorist organizations to maintain the distance". But during the ceasefire, the parties to combat the Islamic state of Syria, the terrorist organization will continue to act. At present the United States and Russia reached a new cease-fire agreement still had a part in a state secret. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov 13, said that Russia hopes to open the agreement, and the United Nations Security Council passed, but the United States is inclined to confidentiality of the agreement. Author: Wang Xiujun相关的主题文章:

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