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Travel-and-Leisure From time immemorial people like adventures and like to explore. People were attracted towards the sea. They understood the use of navigation and utilized it for the development of civilization. Sailing played a key role in the development of the world. Nowadays sailing is considered as a recreational activity which is dedicated for all who loves flying. It is the art of controlling sailing boats. You will get all the freedom when the boat moves along with the wind. Recreational activity is divided mainly into three one is racing the other one is cruising and the last one is day sailing. There are various types of sailboats used just for sailing. Sailboats are different from other boats. This boat moves through the water with the help of wind. Sails which are large pieces of clothe that converts the power of wind into the power for boat. This technology played an important role in development of trades, fishing etc. The sailboat moves according to the speed of wind and water. The sailboat will not do anything on cal days. Sailboats alone cannot drive the boat; it needs some physical object below the waterline like keel, centerboard, or underwater foil. This is usually known as second sailing. Sailing has some basic techniques like sale trim, running, reaching, sailing upwind, reducing sail, hull trim, points of sail and heeling. The first and most important thing before sailing is to keep the boat in trim. Running is described as sailing before the wind. Reaching is the most interesting and fast point in sailing. These are the three main techniques or points a sailor must remember. There are mainly three types of sailing boats one is day sailing boats, cruising boats, and racing boats. Day sailing boats are just for day sailing only. They dont have over night ac.modation. It is very interesting and it ranges from simple to .plex ones. You can choose the one that suits your interest. The cruising boats are the best one for a weekend trip or longer trips. These boats are very large in size and have all facilities of overnight ac.modation, cooking, room, etc. Racing sailboats are good for all who have passion for sailing sport. Sailing is very interesting and enjoyable activity. If you need to know more about sailing and sail boats then there are many sailing schools which give you all essential information and teaches you how to handle the boat in water. There are sailing schools that offers training on basic cruising, bareboat cruising, sailing lessons, sailing instructions and lots more. Every sailboat can sail only with a set of regulations. It is for safety. A sailor must know all about handling a boat, its safety measures and other important aspects of sailing. Just talk with people who have experience. The sailing experience will be enjoyable if you know more about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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