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Science and technology innovation 10 40 changes in the new Audi A4L officially listed – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, the day before, the new Audi A4L listed on the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the new Audi A4L released 2 TFSI high power two version of the 6 models, the price range of 299 thousand and 800 yuan –41.28 yuan. The new Audi A4L 40 TFSI (2 TFSI low power version) 4 models, the price respectively is 299 thousand and 800 yuan, are aggressive: 339 thousand and 800 yuan, 368 thousand and 800 yuan, fashion sports 372 thousand and 800 yuan; 45 TFSI Quattro (2 TFSI high power version) 2 models, the price respectively is 408 thousand and 800 yuan, sports fashion: 412 thousand and 800 yuan. The new Audi A4L using a new design language is very attractive, linear aesthetic trend, showing the automotive design and manufacturing process of new style, including a series of gains "2016 red dot award", "2016 iF Design Award", a number of top international design awards. Hexagonal grille carving sense, has high recognition; "lightning" shape of the matrix LED headlamps and taillights of the gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory undercut Vicenza, very eye-catching; through the body from the waist, highlight the dynamic and elegant. The new Audi A4L provides 9 kinds of body color, including Agus brown, red, blue, Tango explore glacier Blue 4 new choice, the exploration of blue and glacier blue are Chinese exclusive colors, fully meet the customization needs of users. Full of high – tech sense of interior decoration, elegant style. By the design style, to create a spacious and comfortable space feeling; floating instrument platform and integrated console each other, extend to the entire dashboard trim and 3D mosaic type air conditioner through the outlet, stretch the internal visual width; interior atmosphere lamp up to 30 colors, and the noble the perfect combination of science and technology.   Audi A4L MLB based on Evo platform to build, create a new standard of body quality new Audi A4L has the most efficient power system, equipped with the new third generation EA888 engine, with a new 7 speed S tronic gearbox, the maximum power of 2 TFSI high power version can be up to 185kW, peak torque of 370N, one hundred kilometers acceleration? Time only 5.9 seconds, combined fuel consumption of 6.9L 100km, the dynamic performance and fuel economy and. The data not only than the current model has improved significantly, leading to the more comprehensive competitive products, set a new standard for dynamic performance. The new Audi A4L line comes standard with shift paddles, only need to gently touch the fingertips, you can experience the pleasure to accelerate the car like. The new front and rear five link independent suspension, in ensuring the stability of the control at the same time, more effective filtering off the road bumps, so that the new Audi A4L both superior driving pleasure and comfortable ride experience. The new Audi A4L equipped with the same level of the most abundant science and technology configuration, leading the new standard of intelligent driving life  .相关的主题文章:

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