Shaanxi to extend the oil production plant in Hengshan 1 people were killed and injured personnel il

Shaanxi Yanchang oil production plant in Hengshan 1 people died of poisoning workers illegal construction of the new network in Western Yulin News Network (reporter Ma Guanghao Li Ming) September 11th, extended oil production factory of Hengshan County Limited by Share Ltd bailangcheng oilfield United Station occurred poisoning caused 1 deaths, 2 people were injured. Today (September 13th), the reporter learned from the Hengshan County Safety Supervision Bureau, preliminary identify the cause of the accident Hengshan oil production plant "911" poisoning. The accident was not caused by the construction of the protective equipment, because the workers did not work according to the requirements of safety training. According to the Hengshan County Safety Supervision Bureau, bailangcheng joint station cleaning high efficient oil remover by Jiangsu Macao environmental protection limited company contract. September 9th construction before operation on the Jiangsu Macao Si site person in charge Xu Haitao conducted on-site training in safe operation of security defense team captain Gao Guanyuan Hengshan oil production plant in bailangcheng joint station, and signed letters of responsibility for security. In the construction of personnel training in safe operation according to the requirements, without the use of protective equipment allows an operator to enter the oil remover wash mud, cause poisoning faint, another two people rushed to the rescue was poisoning fainted. Received a call for help, oil production plant firefighters with gas masks, rushed to the scene to rescue the three people, and the nearest to Jingbian County People’s hospital. At the same time reported the accident to the Hengshan County Safety Supervision bureau. After the Jingbian County People’s hospital rescue, 1 people died due to serious poisoning and death, the other 2 people in critical condition, rescue leadership team decided to immediately turn the 2 Yan’an People’s Hospital. Currently, 2 per capita has been out of danger, and the 1 have been sober.相关的主题文章:

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