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Shanxi the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty collapsed near the gate has been pulled rope – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shuozhou on October 7th news (reporter Yue Xuhui Shuozhou station reporter Cui Xiaolin) according to the China voice of "news" reported yesterday (6) reported was called the most beautiful Shanxi Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall landmark of the "Moon" the sudden collapse triggered a heated debate. At the same time, tourists and photographers have come to the collapse of the ruins of the expression of emotion, the ruins of the "Moon" has pulled the rope around. The so-called "Moon" is actually the remnants of a the Great Wall tower, due to various difficulties and hardships of erosion, there is only one arch form, so was the local people and travel enthusiasts called "moon". Are you going to do next has become the ruins of the moon? What action should be taken to protect the Great Wall heritage? The early autumn, the mountains in the Shanxi Shuozhou Hou Ling Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall where is the autumn yellow grass, leaves Xiao Xiao. Yesterday afternoon here early in the morning clouds, when it is under the continuous rain, cold Xiao Xiao. Hirotake Aki learned that the iconic the Great Wall landscape "Moon" after the collapse, many tourists, photographers, cultural workers specially came to visit the ruins of the moon. Today, when I see this, my heart is very sad, and heartache." "I am seven points to the morning, a lot of photography circle of friends are up, the situation at any time may also continue to collapse, after all, exposed to the weather, where hundreds of years." "Disappeared form feel very solemn, and a kind of form is desolate, take this autumn." Ms. Tang is moon regulars, has just been to the afternoon of October 2nd, plan to go there to take pictures. She said: "I also want to take the evening dress to go there to take two pictures, because the old brick with evening dress should be a kind of tide collocation. As it turned out, I felt so sad that I was hurt." Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall was built in the early Ming Dynasty, is one of the most ingenious design and construction in Shanxi is the most delicate, the most complete extant brick package to the Great Wall, China is the Great Wall’s long, authentic ancient the Great Wall, the study of history, culture and military value is very high. Known as the most beautiful landscape of the moon hirotake the Great Wall was originally a watchtowers, more than and 500 years of erosion of the watchtowers various difficulties and hardships, only an arched shape, stood high on the ridge, and around the the Great Wall wall together, constitute a wide iconic the Great Wall landscape, known as the local people and the moon travel enthusiasts. When the sunset, the sun hit the copper fort, a fortress with desolate vigorous beauty. In Shuozhou many people’s eyes, has a special significance: the moon emotion also hopes to many people’s feelings. Visitors Ms. Tang said: "whether the wall or people who have the story of who, standing there alone, and I want to look at it, and talk to him." Photographer Bruce Lee said: "as a photographer, when the film is very shocking, for Shuozhou to have such a landmark historical relics are proud of. But when he really becomes history.相关的主题文章:

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