Sichuan’s first WeChat gambling case grab red guess a mantissa – Beijing, tens of thousands of water-cancam

Sichuan’s first WeChat gambling case: grab red guess a water – tens of thousands of mantissa Beijing recently, Guangyuan City, Wangcang County Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed a WeChat to grab a red envelope for the casino crime gang in disguise. Cases involving Yibin, Guangyuan, Chengdu, Luzhou, Nanchong, Shanghai and other 15 cities, involving up to more than 200 people, involving up to more than 100 yuan of funds. Currently, 3 people have been taken coercive measures. Wangcang police said that this is the first case of the province cracked WeChat gambling. The first 0-9 game player betting numbers and transfer to the dealer dealer red red envelopes totaled 2 yuan, 5 people grab red envelopes, each mantissa combination is the winning number in the lottery game player if you buy a number, to lose 1 times; buy two, lost 3 times; 5 numbers all buy, lose 60 times to grab a red envelope gambling guess a gamble on water mantissa million at the beginning of June, Wangcang police received the alarm, said there are people in the WeChat group in the way of gambling, grab a red envelope. At the same time, Tencent Inc also found in the work, it was the use of WeChat red envelopes gambling, Tencent Inc quickly passed the clues to the police in Wangcang. After receiving the report, Wangcang County Public Security Bureau police disguised as "gamblers" into the group conducted a survey. Every time before the discovery of gambling, there are fixed people as a banker. In order to test the activity of the group, the dealer will send a red envelope to explore, if there are five or six people grab a red envelope in a short period of time, I think it can be active, gambling began. Every time the red envelopes, the dealer will remind you of the "bet" guess mantissa. Red Zhuang Jiafa a total of 2 yuan, 5 people grab red envelopes, each mantissa combination is the winning number. Prior to this, the first game player to buy the 0-9 digital, game player can buy a digital, you can buy five numbers, if you buy a digital, will pay 1 times; buy two, lost 3 times; 5 numbers all buy, will pay 60 times. Of course, good luck in the game player, it is possible to buy a number, can also be multiple payment, as long as the purchase of lottery numbers in two, in three, four, there are several times to several times the payment. If you do not win, bet on the banker. For fear of losing the game player, game player deadbeat, before the bet to buy digital, digital and bet amount by way of transfer red to the dealer, the dealer after receiving the money, began to grab the red envelopes and lottery game player. A down, the dealer will issue hundreds of red envelopes. Police rough calculations, a few thousand dollars a night red water, more than 10000 yuan. The arrest of three suspects arrested more than 30 profit makers two months the police Dong Yingtao told the Chengdu Daily reporter, in early August, after more than 1 months of investigation the police dispatched, ascertain the main suspect online gambling. August 12th, investigators were divided into two, respectively, in Wangcang, Yibin, the two suspects Liu, Zhang, Zhang and other three people arrested. After the interrogation, the suspect Liu et al on the use of WeChat red gambling confessed to the crime. This year 29 year old spirit相关的主题文章:

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