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Food-and-Drink Smoothie blenders are saturating the market right now. Setting aside gimmicks and marketing ploys, the Blendtec blender is on the best blenders on the market today for making smoothies. Features of the blender include: 13 amp motor with 1560 watts Touch pad controls 6 blend cycles LCD display screen Auto shut off 3 inch blade 2 quart canister Weighs 12 pounds 15 1/2 inches tall 3 year warranty The 13 amp motor makes the Blendtec blender one of the most powerful blenders for making smoothies. It instantly turns ice to snow and can mix practically anything to the desired consistency. Blendtec blenders are an excellent tool for blending because it is not only strong and consistent, but it is easy to use. The digital touchpad has an automatic shut off when the product reaches the desired consistency. For the health conscious consumer, the Blendtec has been featured in several books including: "The China Study," "Green for Life," and "Eat to Live." These and other books really stress how essential it is for people to eat greens, and the Blendtec blender makes it easy to blend up anything into a delicious and easy to eat smoothie. Most smoothie blenders are just that, a smoothie blender, but the Blendtec is so versatile, it can perform a variety of functions. The blender can handle whole foods with ease, which is perfect for those who have adaptive the RAW lifestyle. It is easy to eat healthy with a Blendtec blender. It can blend anything into a delicious smoothie. This fits any consumer’s lifestyle and gives you more energy throughout the day. For more information, please visit: ..blenditall.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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