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Movies-TV Vampires are the best known mythological creatures, famous to drink blood of animals and humans for survival. They are in screens from many years and have held their place in everyones mind whether in the form of movies or story books. These fascinating horror creatures are the most favorite among the filmmakers. The history of vampires is always being shown on the movies by way of more blood sucking and frightening costumes and their actions. While they are regarded as the part of horror genre, vampire movie have their own stand in film industry. Filmmakers have presented vampires in many forms, which emphasize the primal and ancient instinct, while other show vampire as the tool of genre horror and gore. For example, in the film Queen of Damned, vampires where shown as the rock stars. Vampires are being presented in a different way in different films. There are also some female vampires who are being depicted in many forms. Some are beautiful, seductress and sexual vampires as the story demands. Eroticism and seduction are being emphasized for female vampires, whose desire for blood are extraordinary and get it in lust. Demons too are the most dangerous creature after vampires. They are equal to the evil spirits and are always being categorized against gods. Many films and books are being published where demons are shown are in different photos with frightening faces. These demons have different names according to character and also the belief. If you are among those audience who like to sit at home and watch those vampires and demon movies then you can buy demon movies, books and DVDs online and watch it with lights off, because if you want real thriller then this is the best idea to enjoy the horror movie. If you visit any of the vampires and demons website, there you can many demon names and reviews of the movies where these creatures are being featured. If you want to enjoy the horror game, then you can go for the Demon souls which Is one of the brutal game. While playing this horror game you have to perfect meditate to play safe. Demo soul is one of the most interesting and narrative game .pare to other games. Some people who are interested in demons and vampire stories are so attached to it that, they study on demons or belief on demons and this study is called as demonology. Many people are interested in demon studies to know more about their origin, how they kill, what to do if any demon attack etc. if you too are interested in knowing about demons then you can have books and DVDs which can entertain you and equally give you fear while watching it on big screen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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