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South Korean President Park Geun hye in "cosmetic storm" dereliction of duty four – Sohu news rumors Park Geun Hye apologize. Mass demonstrations. South Korean President Park Geun hye involved "bestie" incident intensified, the other is not conducive to her stories in the fermentation: Yonhap news agency, the media disclosed ferry sank in 2014 on the same day, Pu Jinhui received 7 hours of plastic surgery. Chong Wa Dae spokesman 11 days to come forward to clarify, said this argument is groundless statement "". According to Yonhap reported that in November 12th 4 pm local time, the South Korean people will hold the third round of the candlelight vigil in Seoul square, park Geun hye requirements to step down, "political cronies" responsible for. Media broke the news: years sank on the day, she did 7 hours of cosmetic injections? In April 16, 2014, carrying 476 people, years No. ferry in Jeonnam in South Korea Jindo County screenisland to the North sea water accident and eventually sank, only 172 people were rescued. According to Yonhap said, recently the media have claimed that Pu Jinhui in the years sank the day in the office of the president, but 7 hours of plastic injection. But Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo said 11, "the president himself confirmed, these media reports groundless. Zheng Ranguo said that the day of the normal office of Pu Jinhui, Chong Wa Dae security room can also confirm the day of the ship did not have foreign personnel or hospital vehicles visiting records. He also cited a list of 15 times Pu Jinhui heard the specific time of the accident report. In addition, according to the implementation of Park Geun hye cosmetic surgery doctors also confirmed that the wreck that day, he played golf in Inchon, can provide the toll fee invoice to prove innocence. Zheng also said that park Geun hye taboo anesthetics, so in the face of plastic surgery when injected propofol is no factual basis. Wreck the whereabouts of the media attention for a long time, in fact, this is not the first time the media attention Park Geun hye whereabouts on the day of the wreck. Japan "produce classics news" when he was in Seoul bureau chief Kato Dachiya in August 2014 published an article entitled "the shipwreck Park Geun hye who meet exactly and disappear without a trace," the report questioned, park Geun hye sinking on inadequate response. This article quoted the so-called experts saying: "Pu Jinhui in the April 16th years number shipwreck tragedy occurred the same day, 7 hours of missing", and referred to the "secret meeting with men and speculation. In this paper, the "mystery man" is the top secret, park Geun hye, chief of Zheng Runhui, and the relationship between the two described as lovers. Zheng Runhui is the "bestie" scandal protagonist Cui Shunshi’s ex husband. This article was published after Kato Dachiya has caused outrage in South Korea, the Japanese reporters have been to court. By the end of 2015, the central court of Seoul, South Korea, Pu Jinhui defamation case was the first instance verdict, found that Kato Dachiya was innocent. The park Geun hye suspected of dereliction of duty rumors since four with "bestie" snowball getting bigger, the park Geun hye rumors four suspected of dereliction of duty. The use of private mobile phone on Park Geun hye rumors, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo said: "in addition to the presidential palace to her.相关的主题文章:

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