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Reference-and-Education SpeedyPrep is an innovative web-based company that offers affordable, online study solutions that can help students accelerate the completion of a college degree using the CLEP test . As college tuition costs rise, more and more students are discovering the benefits of clep exams (College-Level Examination Program). A clep test is an examination which can be taken to demonstrate the knowledge of a certain college course and earn college credits without actually having to take the college course. SpeedyPrep offers online study guides in a concise question and answer format designed to quickly prepare students for their clep exam. Using the SpeedyPrep.com clep prep system, students can literally go from having no knowledge of a subject to having full subject mastery and ready to take the clep test in as little as two days! SpeedyPrep currently offers thirteen different online study guides to prepare students for clep tests. A low monthly membership fee gives students unlimited access to the question-based clep study courses on the .SpeedyPrep.com website. The SpeedyPrep study system features unique tracking software that monitors and gives a visual indicator of students studying progress and informs students when they are ready to take the clep test. SpeedyPrep offers up to an unprecedented four month money back guarantee to all students who complete a SpeedyPrep clep study course so that students can take their clep with confidence! The CLEP test itself is generally 90 minutes long and consists of approximately 90-140 questions. The material covered on the clep exam is the same material taught in general education classes that students typically take as degree pre-requisites in the first two years of college. Usually, when a student achieves a satisfactory clep test score, the college will grant the student the same amount of credit as he or she would have earned by taking the actual class. Each clep test costs $70 to take; however, the United States military covers the cost of the clep exam for servicemen and women. clep exams are administered at over 1,400 testing centers across the United States and abroad. In addition, over 2,900 colleges and universities accept credits earned from taking clep tests. With the average price per credit for the 2008-2009 college year at $1047 for private colleges and $274 for public colleges, the savings gained from clep are obvious! Taking CLEP tests can benefit people from many different age groups and walks of life including military personnel, homeschooled high-school students, adult learners, working adults, and traditional college students. SpeedyPrep recognizes the value of students time and money and offers an efficient and affordable way for students to prepare for a clep test. Students can study using the online .SpeedyPrep.. clep prep system at anytime and from anywhere they have a .puter with Inter. access. As students discover the benefits of clep, they are finding out how SpeedyPrep can assist them in quickly and thoroughly preparing for their exam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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