Stereolithography Gets Tough!

Business SLA models have, in the past, been treated with great care, shown but not touched, for fear of watching thousands of pounds shatter into expensive little smithereens! "Aesthetic but not functional" was how bureaus promoted SLA models with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) providing the tougher useable option. However, like those early SLA models, that whole perception has been shattered with the introduction of a tough new range of SLA materials, which closely mimic production plastics and withstand even the most ruthless product testing! Belfast based Laser Prototypes offers the widest range of functional SLA resins available, including high temperature resistant, high impact resistant, clear, ceramic filled, waterproof and totally functional parts built in the very latest high resolution machines, confirming the significant advance in Rapid Prototyping materials Accura Xtreme represents the very latest in durable Stereolithography (SLA) resins, delivering outstanding toughness. The new grey material has the look, feel and functionality of moulded plastic. Boasting a high impact resistance it is particularly suitable for snap fit applications, form, fit and function prototypes, and durable assemblies. Many users have replaced CNC machining of plastic .ponents with parts made in the Xtreme resin, such is its strength, accuracy, speed and cost. SOMOS Watershed XC11122 allows for the build of functional parts that closely simulate optically clear plastics. Totally water resistant, Watershed benefits from a high dimensional stability making this product suitable for use in multiple applications including consumer, electronic and automotive markets. With recent USP Class VI and ISO10993 medical approval, Watershed XC11122 can now be used in a wide range of biomedical or skin contact applications and clinical trials "" a huge step forward in the medical market where such testing was previously only possible on first off production mouldings. DSM Somos DMX-SL"" 100 is an extremely durable SL resin that produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. Based on a whole new chemistry platform that gives the material high impact resistance similar to thermoplastics, it is a breakthrough in Stereolithography resin technology. Tough, .plex parts can be built with a superb surface finish .pared with .peting technologies. During product development DSM put the DMX material through a rather extreme test! The material did not crack or shatter when a .22 calibre bullet was fired at a sheet of the resin "" a far cry and considerable improvement on the fragile, amber resins designers used to carry carefully to meetings in cotton wool filled boxes! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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