Super girl finals night will start the super girls red tide caused universal memories —

Super girl finals night will start the "super girls" red tide caused universal memories — entertainment channel, 2016 "Super Girls" champion night countdown "super girl red" big screen light feelings this week, during the 9 months of "2016 Super Girls" will be the end of a long journey, a number of new generation idol will declaration of the birth of. In September 3rd 2016, "Super Girls" Tenth finals "champion night" will be "a red color is called super girl" as the theme. This theme will watch the Chinese ten years "super girl" complex, declared in a striking way, inheritance and development between the previous super girl. This week, the dazzling "super girl red" frequently appeared in major news sites and media reports. Recently, the paper made a full page ad, declared this year "super girl finals champion night" theme "there is a red color called super girl". Micro-blog, WeChat and so on from the media, there are a lot of friends that poke to the point of tears". As more and more users to participate in the discussion of "super girl red" and forwarding, which is full of youth and memories of the color, gradually formed a upsurge of feelings. But in last night, with the "2016 Super Girls" championship finals night into the 3 day countdown. As one of the landmarks of the TV industry of Hunan TV Tower, the whole is covered with "super girl red", four cheer for super girl. In September 1st, the 2016 Super Girls national semi-finals "theme poster released. Four from the 630 thousand love singing girls, the new generation idol talent shows itself, but also the collective put on the symbolic meaning of the "super girl in red". No. 03 is a super girl, a famous young child". Young age, boarded the CCTV arena, after the system of music learning, to release their own music dream super girl. "Bai Fumei", "learning tyrants" and other identity labels, so she just like the princess out of the fairy tale. No. 06 super girl Zhang Xiaoyu, from a military family "female teenager". Don’t look now Zhang Xiaoyu charming, she never visited before enrollment in the super girl of any large stage, is a pure grassroots". Zhang Xiaoyu now, every game can reap tens of millions of popularity. Adorable character and handsome appearance, she is the best weapon powder! No. 09 – 9 ring, from the "two dimensional world" out of the diva girl. She appeared on the international stage million people, in order to achieve their own "dimension broken dreams," super girl came to fight for a cause. In many female players, ring 9 is a representative of "minority culture". To advance all the way to the semi-finals, in addition to singing, she is more depend on the spirit and perseverance! No. 16 super girl Wang Jinjin, the character of the careless girl, appeared on the stage after the transient gas field full of "queen". She was born to a bar singer many spots, but the judges and fans support, in her own words: "it is not." It is reported that the 06 super girl champion Shang Wenjie for Wang Jinjin had fancied point name her as "the next Yu brilliance". With the 2016 Super Girls championship finals night approaching, the game host lineup, link arrangement and star also)相关的主题文章:

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