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Taiwan nearly 70 groups to protest government demolitions eviction caused scholars: "Taiwan refugees" – Beijing China Taiwan network September 26th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Cai authorities before the election requirements for land justice, but also to Miaoli Po shoot election film, but after the ruling the land dispute case has been accelerated, around the self-help groups 25 assembly Kay Road, in addition to shout "installation mission to" put forward five demands, requirements of the DPP authorities to stop forced evictions and demolitions Amendment Act, stressed that if the DPP authorities are not resolved, will not stop. "To land speculation, to float indiscriminate development" by the Taiwan Association of Taiwan, but the root of anti eviction attachment groups all over Taiwan, hosted nearly seventy self-help groups to participate in the "new hundred days of forced relocation is still 25 days, grandma and grandpa debut, many mother holding the baby and children attended a protest, asked the Taiwan the authorities to listen to their voice, don’t pull down his family lived a lifetime. The protesters say, unexpectedly accelerated the demolition, not only from the people kneel on the spot, there are people living in Cai Yingwen’s office called on the masses. But according to the Taiwan Association, Professor Xu Shirong said on the 25, a lot of injustice caused by the forced relocation of many refugees in Taiwan, said the DPP side to build social housing security, housing rights, the other side is forced to move home, "courage should not show in the house." Xu Shirong observed that the DPP administration took office, forced relocation disputes indeed, the main reason may be that the internal land system is no problem, in order to show policy achievements continue to lead to disputes, let a person very sorry. (Lu Jiajing)相关的主题文章:

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