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Travel-and-Leisure The very first tourists to Nelson Bay, NSW fell in love with the city within minutes. Its been virtually the same story ever since. Every year, millions of people visit the nation of Australia and allot of these people inevitable end up at Nelson Bay, NSW. Truth be told, its actually not hard to see why. Located in the municipality of Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, NSW is the holidaymakers paradise. Mile long beaches lined with frothing coastal waves, brilliant cuisine options and reasonably priced Nelson bay ac.modations are just a few of the many things that tourists stand to gain from their visit to Nelson Bay. Where there are golden beaches and friendly waves, surfing is always sure to be found. Youll enjoy the best surfing opportunities along the Nelson bay coast. If you dont feel like surfing, you’ll be able to simply spend your day enjoying the picturesque beauty at places like the Dutchies Beach or enjoy the antics of Dolphins at some of the aquatic reserves in Nelson Bay. If you however do not have any problem with getting wet and diving in, prepare yourself since youre bound to spend a lot of hours in the water. Nelson Bay has a few of the safest beaches in the world. With the calming sounds of waves in the background, youll manage to enjoy picnics with your children or go on long romantic walks together with your loved ones. If youre eager to discover the hidden depths of the marine world, it is possible to go scuba diving or snorkeling along the coastal line. You can also explore the world famous Looking Glass which is located about 55 minutes from Nelson Bay by boat. Within the looking glass, which is actually a split in the middle of the island is an enormous collection of exotic marine life. There are other activities to be done outside the water. You can for instance, walk through the town enjoying the sights of the city or embark on a trek on one of the trails that are available within the neighboring Tomaree National Park. Locations for example the Gan Gan lookout provide you with the chance to record some really spectacular views on your camera. A great way of trapping unforgettably experiences about your trip. Nelson Bay, NSW also has quite a few impressive architectural buildings reflecting its evolution over the years. One of these is the Nelson Head Lighthouse. Erected in 1872 and currently still active, the lighthouse is among the stronger tourist attractions in the area. Such as some of the lookouts within the region, tourists to the Nelson head lighthouse can enjoy stunning views from the top of the tower. Like most towns, Nelson bay has its own share of festivals and traditions. You will get an even better experience out of your holiday by scheduling your trip for any one of these. A hugely popular event is the Festival of Whales which is held annually to mark the seasonal migration of whales. During the period, youll be able to view art displays, enjoy local music and engage in some whale watching. Nelson Bay is one of the more popular tourist spots in Australia. There are dozens of different Nelson Bay ac.modation options available ranging from luxurious hotels to more cost-effective bed and breakfast-styled ac.modation. Regardless of where you choose to spend your holiday however, you are guaranteed to leave with nothing but the best of experiences and treasured memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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