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"Teacher’s favor" opened the dark mode of teachers’ day? Text Sina column boiled entertainment on Tuesday, said the adults on Monday, since the teacher called after the flood, it is easy to forget that there is teacher’s day this thing. I do not know why, when it comes to the teachers’ day, I think the first movie is always the style slightly discordant — "teacher". "Teacher" Premiere: 2006: South Korean director:   Ren Taixiong starring Xu Yingji       Wu Meixi   Lv Xianzhu           Zhang Chengyuan Park Takatoshi; yes, look at the poster know, this is a thriller. Some people also translated the title as "unloading corpse feast". (there are more straightforward version of the theme posters, taking into account the part of the students of the psychological ability, not put up. ) because the film in many pictures too bloody, was designated as the highest level of restrictions, only 18 years old to watch; so it has been shown in South Korea or complaints that are removed from the site and subway posters shelves. The beginning of the film although there is a slightly sad past, but overall still warm. Retired for many years, the rest of the villa in the country park teacher, half of the effort to work on the. She was still pregnant with the students to lead to unexpected outing, premature birth, son of a deformed child, so her husband Dutch act, son was missing. Fortunately there is a beauty in her students, has never abandon to take care of her, also invited several primary school students to a house party, together with the visiting teacher. The students include: once the class, grass Ming Hao beauty Shun Ji, married En Ying and the vice monitor monitor Hao, athlete to peak and a little introverted personality is. Park teacher pleased to look at them, a look of maternal ground, said: "you are my students, but also friends". But, the lens then give to this several students, each style is gloomy, with bad gas, how to look like is a happy holiday. Sure enough, a few people before this brilliant, private hostility raging; all tear even, when wearing a hideous mask rabbit suddenly appeared, they started one after another to be killed. The point is, everybody’s dead Fadoubi Ten greatest tortures in Qing Dynasty are scary. There is open mouth and then broken blade with compasses, there is a staple of the eyelids are hung on the wall for the ants bite by vermin drilling ear, has been dug to the eyes of the students… It is the most comfortable to be cut off by the neck. Anyway, they’re all dead. (in front of the low-energy warning, have chosen the most terrifying a panorama, see about the meaning of good. ). . . . Anyway, the students have in common, in addition to all dead, and one is, have been hurt by Portsmouth teacher. Squad leader and vice squad leader En Ying, because the family is too poor to afford a decent teacher’s Day gift, was a teacher in public相关的主题文章:

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