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Ten thousand Buddha monk Miao Jiang around the cool wit turn trouble monk "Miao Jiang to heart team" members of the discovery (Photography tone) Miao monk "to heart river crew discovery (Photography Music) – Mount Wutai Buddhist Tencent (bent) the afternoon of October 22, 2016, the Tencent of Buddhism’s" ten thousand Bodhisattvas around the cool "activities have visited the Mount Wutai Bishan temple, temple, and was invited to the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, Bishan, President of the Buddhist Association of Shanxi Province, bamboo Temple Abbot Abbot monk Miao Jiang" to heart "team player discovery. Bishan temple is the State Council released the "national key Temple", dynasties of monks. Bishan temple was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, once called Beishan Puji temple, Huguo temple, temple. The team visited the king hall, hall, and Maitreya temple jietan Leiyin Temple Temple in four major, and in the pious worship Manjusri hall. In the temple jietan, players of the Millennium Huguo jietan common worship. The players together around the Millennium Huguo jietan ceremony (Photography music players) common worship the Millennium Huguo jietan (Photography Music) players together for a thousand years the holy altar (photographic tone) players in the thousands of years before Huguo jietan photo (photo bent) bamboo temple was built in the great Tang Zhenyuan period, is a has more than 1200 years history of the Millennium Temple, as the land of law as the ancestral master, master of law as to the refinement of Buddha Famennian, and create five Dharma, which spread to the country and even overseas. Now after the great monk monk ten years of reconstruction, has restored the old style. The team visited the king hall, main hall, Manjusri hall in turn. The fog under the bamboo temple like fairyland (Photography Music) chikurinji Wonderland (Photography Music) in the bamboo temple, Miao Jiang and the monk "to heart" team member discovery said, very happy and everyone around cool, we all know, around the cool is around Mount Wutai. So, what is’ around ‘? In fact, around is the wisdom of Manjusri bodhisattva. Mount Wutai is also called cool mountain, came here, we are cool, cool heart, body and mind are cool. Mount Wutai is a Buddhist cultural symbol, represents wisdom, through the wisdom to seek the truth, through devotion to probation, so will take the trouble to cool wisdom, trouble is actually not hot hot anger, resentment, naturally cool. The monk said that he lived in Mount Wutai for 40 years, far from enough to live, did not see enough, did not learn enough, because everyone in the Long March, we are in the long march. "Walking the long march", to learn to practice, will repair the man by false comprehension, not repair by genuine fake. To practice, there must be time. "You can think about how much time each person has left for himself." To give yourself some time, if people really do something for themselves, long days of joy. Only to find themselves, there is no worry, why bother? "Trouble is that you can’t find yourself". When it comes to the sanctity of the Mount Wutai temple, the monk said, Mount Wutai is thousands of years, the Millennium ancient temple temple. Come to Mount Wutai, not only to the eyes and ears, but also take the hint. To the temple inside to kowtow, head of steadfast to bow down. This corresponds, "head and.相关的主题文章:

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