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The aircraft had crashed in Brazil brother try to land or crashed due to fuel shortages in Beijing November Beijing – 29 Xinhua comprehensive foreign media reports, the plane carrying 81 Brazil aircraft 29 in the vicinity of Columbia’s second largest city of Medellin crashed, 10 people have been rescued at the scene of the crash. Allegedly, the cause of the crash is likely to lack of fuel, airliner crashed before the attempted landing. Reported that the crashed plane was carrying Kearns chapais from Brazil Football Club (Chapecoense) players, the team was originally scheduled for 30 local time in Columbia and Medellin national athletics. Medellin Jose • • Cordoba International Airport on the official social networking site, said the crash, the aircraft registration number is CP2993. There are 72 passengers and 9 crew members on board. Airport confirmed that the crash apparently someone survived". The latest news that there have been 10 injured in the crash site was rescued and was taken to hospital; crash has also caused the deaths of some people. Local hospital said it was ready to receive the injured. Brazil chapais Kearns football club as a Pakistan a team.相关的主题文章:

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