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Vocational-Trade-Schools In the whole world there are almost seven to eight thousand languages and its impossible for anyone to know all the languages of all regions. For this some languages are marked as regional languages, some are national and some are international languages. Among all these languages only some are used as official languages in different areas. The remaining ones are used for communicating locally. It is a huge difficulty to communicating with others, for the one who is visiting a different place with unknown language speakers. So there must be some common language which is to be recognized by almost all countries and all regions as the international language. This idea leads to the introduction of English as the international official language globally. Many such individuals are there from all over the world, those want to settle in UK or USA or the other countries with lots of opportunities in the fields of study, career and business. Each of the countries has different criterions. Anybody who wants to get the visa as tourist visa or permanent citizen visa of that country has to fulfill the criterions. In UK the eligibility criterion is to pass the exams conducted for those who want the spouse and the family visa and a separate exam for the settlement and citizenship visa. The two types of exams in case of ESOL tests are A1 and the other B1. The main aim of this tests are to qualify the individuals with the speaking and listening English which is a must to cope up with the life of UK. Advice on ESOL courses can be sought from advisors in the other languages. If an applicant’s English skills are at or above the required level then he is eligible to take the Life in the UK Test. The exams cover a wide amount of material and it helps in a proper way to every learner. The exams are taken at Trinity registered exam centers. The Speaking & Listening exams are available on demand and the Reading and Writing exams are available on a variety of fixed exam dates all through the calendar year. Entry 3 is best for a person who can do things such as listening and responding appropriately in formal contexts; engage in discussion to reach a shared goal; narrate a chronological event or to read and understand short texts. ESOL Skills for Life qualifications focus on building confidence in English language communication and helps in Speaking and Listening English Exam. They also conduct B1 test for citizenship which has a great impact. Regular assessment of the reading, writing, speaking and listening English is done during the course and this helps in improvement in learning. After clearing the level one of the test you can further apply for the next levels or can opt for getting a good job. The one important aspect which one must kept in mind is that the course must be approved by the proper authority. Also the college from which the course is conducted must be accredited by the government authorities responsible for giving the accreditations. English ESOL Level 3 and Trinity English Exam are both tests in English language and required for the citizenship in UK. So if you want to be a citizen in UK start working on ESOL test for citizenship and ESOL Entry Level 3 test. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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