The car carrying the man fell into the pond more than 10 villagers came together to rescue (F-reshacker

The car carrying the man fell into the pond   more than 10 villagers came together to rescue (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – October 22nd, speaking of the day before the scene, who lives in the New District of Nanchang city Xiangshan Town, more than 70 year old bear full of gratitude. 21, he accidentally fell into the pond by electric tricycle, rescued by more than 10 people. Everyone pulled together and rescued the old bear and dragged his tricycle to shore. (by witnesses shooting) according to reports, the old bear riding a tricycle carrying fertilizer to rape fertilization, as he cycled past arrogant natural village head village wedding a small stone bridge, the bridge are not smooth, together with the car inside the fertilizer not flat, caused by the electric vehicle center unstable the old bear, Lianren car fell into the pond under the bridge together. "When the old man fell, some were unconscious, but not at the moment."." When the incident happened, Xiangshan town Party committee member Chen Xinmin just passed by, and witnessed the rescue scene, according to him, the pond water depth of 1.7 meters, and some cool. In a critical moment, some villagers quickly put the hoe next to the old bear and let him catch it. Hearing the cries for help, a lot of residents around rushed to come over. "There are more than 10 people, all of whom help to pull people out of the water and cover them with dry clothes."." In the concerted efforts of everyone, the electric tricycle was also quickly dragged up. "Because there are not many young people in the village, the saving people are basically old people and women."." Xiong Quanchai, a 79 year old man who took part in a rescue trailer, said. Because of the timely rescue, the old bear body does not matter. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan) 老农连人带车掉进水塘 10余村民赶来一起施救(图)–江西频道–人民网 10月22日,说起前一天发生的一幕,家住南昌市新建区象山镇70多岁的老熊充满感激之情。21日,他骑电动三轮车不慎掉进水塘,被10余名群众救起。 大家齐心协力救起老熊并将他的三轮车拖上岸。(图由目击者拍摄) 据介绍,当天老熊骑着三轮电动车载着化肥前去给油菜施肥,就在他骑车经过大喜村骄横头自然村一座小石桥时,由于桥面有些不平整,再加上车内装的肥料没放平,造成电动车重心不稳,老熊连人带车一起掉进桥下的水塘中。“老人掉下去的时候,有些蒙了,一时上不来。”事发时,象山镇镇党委委员陈新民刚好经过,并目睹了救人的场景,据他介绍,池塘的水深达1.7米,并且有些凉。 危急之时,有村民赶紧把旁边的锄头杆伸给老熊让他抓住。听到求救叫喊声时,周边的许多居民都赶紧跑了过来。“有10多个人,大伙一起帮忙把人从水里拉上来,把干衣服帮他披上。” 在众人的齐心协力下,电动三轮车也很快被拖了上来。“由于村里没有多少年轻人,救人的基本上都是老人与妇女。”参与救人拖车的79岁老人熊全钗说。由于救助及时,老熊身体并无大碍。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章:

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