The cold winter, the baby easy disease face pale, careful the goods to find a home – mother Sohu

The cold winter, the baby easy disease face pale, careful "the goods" to find a home – Sohu in the winter that maternal cold winter, attentive mothers will prepare a variety of warm equipment for the baby, gloves, hats, scarves, heavily armed, hate not directly armed to the teeth. But even so, the children are still small, cold hands and feet constantly, some children have turned pale, it can be done? Where exactly is the problem? Dear mom, according to the small family, the baby is the reason for the above symptoms – iron deficiency!!! Likely to cause infant iron deficiency anemia, which will have a cold, cold, pale skin, easy fatigue symptom. The baby has iron deficiency anemia in 6 months to 3 years, as a result of the disease process is slow, resulting in many mothers have no way to discover the baby have iron deficiency, until the examination found the baby infant anemia situation. Small section from the new mother training class in the interception of a section on the description of iron deficiency, so that mothers focus on understanding what is the child iron deficiency symptoms? How to fill the iron for the baby? Symptoms of iron deficiency in children 1, systemic changes in children with iron deficiency symptoms in the winter is particularly prominent. Winter baby enough blood to run smoothly and can keep warm, but due to iron deficiency anemia baby will be easy to catch a cold and cold. Iron deficient babies look serious and seldom smile. Iron deficiency and baby will fatigue, pale, dry skin, hair keratosis, dull, easy to break, easy removal, nail fringe uplift, severe nail flat, also easy to get stomatitis. Huge impact on early IQ development of neurological symptoms and other symptoms of iron deficiency in 2 systems of infants, especially in children’s attention and short-term memory, the baby will be poor concentration and poor memory. The baby will be severe iron deficiency irritability, poor mental development, learning to walk and talk time much later than the other baby. The immune system symptoms of iron deficiency leads to low immunity in children, the risk of uploading the disease is also higher than the average child. The function of T lymphocytes was decreased and the bactericidal ability of granulocytes decreased. In the season, the weather changes, the baby is susceptible to infectious diseases such as influenza. The digestive system symptoms of iron deficiency is associated with baby light nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and constipation and other symptoms, severe cases may have severe malnutrition and pica (love to eat wood, glass etc.). Respiratory system symptoms due to iron deficiency leads to blood oxygen capacity decreased, may cause the baby hypoxia, rapid breathing, heartbeat is accelerated, especially in activities and crying after breathing and heartbeat, the abnormal situation is more obvious. Heart murmur, heart enlargement, heart failure. The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia can lead to mild swelling of hematopoietic organs, and with age, the more severe swelling. Because the bone marrow hematopoietic response, liver, spleen, lymph nodes may have mild swelling, age, longer duration, more severe anemia, enlargement of the more obvious. How to prevent iron deficiency anemia? One, fill!相关的主题文章:

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