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Fashion-Style The Indian version of the Western tunic, Indian Designer Tunic has successfully established itself as fashion staple instead of a mere passing trend. The birth of the tunic could be traced back to the ruling days of the Roman Empire when it was popularly known as the tunica. Romans, both men and women, used to go about their daily routines wearing mid-length or long tunics. The length, fabric, design, ornamentation, draping, style, etc of the tunic was dependent upon the social status of the wearer. Men belonging to the upper strata of the society donned long flowing tunics of better quality fabric featuring embroidered design while those from the lower strata of the society had to be satisfied with knee-length tunics. Women, of course, wore long flowing tunics featuring elaborate draping in bright or rich shades depending upon the occasion. Fabrics used were mostly linen, cotton or silk. Needless to say, the tunic as a casual or semi-casual wear has .e a long way since then. Today, it denotes a womans mid-thigh or knee length top that is worn with a pair of trousers. Derived from the term Kurta which is an Indian long tunic for Men, Kurtis are Indian style tunics or tops for women. Indian Kurtis can be worn with a pair of jeans, capris, pajamas, trousers, leggings and also a skirt. It would approximately be 6-7 years since the Indian Kurti was introduced and it has already be.e an indispensable clothing item in every Indian womans wardrobe. Ample varieties can be found when it .es to Indian Kurtis, such as Long Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Casual Cotton Kurtis, Printed Cotton Kurtis, Embellished Designer Gerogette Kurtis, Designer Silk Kurtis, Gorgeous Brocade Kurtis, Trendy Corset style Kurtis, etc. .fortable cotton Kurtis make the perfect casual wear while Designer Kurtis flaunting exquisite embellished design are perfect for parties or get together with friends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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