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The English pronunciation of English annotation exposure Chinese characters "self out" is not garbled "tomorrow I give you phonogram" answer to do with my friend Thomas, six, and the husband, especially with OM, OM five history, soil, and back to Cardiff, buy, do not Luntuo "Thomas, OM in six and the husband, especially, five history", "om soil, degree, back to Cardiff, to buy, do not Luntuo"…… These illogical text superimposed together, so many people think is garbled, but there is no repetition of the late Qing Dynasty, English pronunciation by these garbled". Yesterday, the people of Chengdu, Mr. display collection of a printed "Xianfeng ten years" in the English textbooks, which corresponds to English garbled sentences, respectively "tomorrow I give you answer", "to do with my friend". According to the literature of Western Sichuan repair center experts, inferred from the book printing and fonts, content, English books should be true, which belongs to the late Qing Dynasty, however, because no see the kind, cannot infer the specific age. Some modern history research experts said, Chinese characters of English phonetic phenomenon is very common in modern times. People learn English pronunciation of the Qing Dynasty Chinese characters marked "self study" seven or eight years ago, Chengdu citizens Mr. Yao back to a pile of old books from the Chongqing second-hand market Amoy, this one does not cover the traditional Chinese books sparked his interest. "There are English letters under the traditional characters." Mr. Yao told reporters that this book has forty or fifty pages, from left to right over the opening pages inside the "Xianfeng ten years (1860)". At the beginning of "English annotation directory" mark, "geographical door" and "the door", "friends", "the palace gate", "hardware" and other categories, in the book, the 12 small grid, each grid is a word of English, the above is a Chinese sentence middle English, the statement, the following is the Chinese phonetic notation, these are Chinese characters instead of phonogram. Some Chinese characters marked English pronunciation, now seems ironic. Such as "half is" translated as "Less one half of your price", the British standard with Chinese characters labeled as "rib division, Meng, Hough, dumb husband, especially, in our Luan". Mr. Yao said, read out according to the pronunciation of foreigners, certainly do not understand. At the beginning of the textbook, there is a "instructions for use": "Chinese characters read from right to left"…… The author begins with the tips of learning tips, "only to scholars from the". Very strange pronunciation of Chinese characters should be the late Qing Dynasty, the Chinese language in the book after reading photos, Sichuan University Institute of ancient books, said Peng teacher, should be the late Qing Dynasty book, but the specific time can not be judged. Experts in Western Sichuan literature repair center also said, according to the books of photos, from the appearance and content that should belong to the Qing Dynasty, but because there is no exposure to the paper and objects, so we can’t judge the book is rare or later copied. "The Qing Dynasty has translated many foreign books." According to the Huai相关的主题文章:

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