The fifth national competition and investment value of tens of millions of investment incubator prog

The fifth national competition and investment value of tens of millions of investment incubator program and look forward to your joining! Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in order to let you show outstanding investment consulting investment strength, tap their own potential, at the same time to transfer the correct values of stock investors, leading investors to achieve asset value in A shares, sina finance to be held in October 21st fifth Sina national investment adviser competition and investment value of tens of millions of incubator. Have you notified the every investment adviser, the competitors will be from all over the country investment leader, we will uphold the principles of fairness and justice, public selecting the best, is also looking forward to the strength of the field force you out, "Irving million worth of talent shows itself, hatching plans] and look forward to your joining!" Registration address: Web plannerReplay settled in the success of the financial planner can be directly in the financial management of the management of the background of the home page – click on the registration department oh! Last night, the folk singer Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature shocked the world, selling books website was killed a small overnight be caught off guard, music, even a cat out of Bob Dylan with linen trousers =! But you may not know, last night, Sina Financial Planner platform also released a major news in the financial management division management background, that is the fifth national investment competition can start the application, the message issued, there is a financial planner calling the hotline telephone consultation, the absolute efficiency of each big website seconds kill ah! Financial sister think about the financial planner: you are guarding the background and other notice? (good moved to say) this morning, seeing the registration number "Chua Chua" rise, financial sister not calm, can already foresee the team will go forward with great strength and vigour of admission, a wave of expert sharpening urgently and commander, Choi friends ready to lift up the bench melon seeds, the contest for simulated firm stock investment game in accordance with the trading rules, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city. Initial simulation of the players for 1 million yuan. Players through the "plan" in the form of competition, the contest will be set for each player a unified stop line. During the game, once the players hit the stop loss line, immediately out. Hope that through this platform to help finance friends mining risk control and trader strength excellent investment master. Through the fierce competition after winning players, in addition to obtain the corresponding honors and prizes, also will become Sina Financial Planner platform signed financial planner, released their own product portfolio, Sina exclusive cash resources. At the same time, the platform will be for a good player to create an exclusive "value investment forum million live", for you to share experience Hailun, leading investors to achieve value-added investment in A shares expectations! As Sina Financial users, you know! Competition, the market can always have a wave of market. During the fifth session of the investment adviser believes market competition, also won’t let you down. Users can subscribe to the contestants plan, to observe the entire trading operations to players. Specific operation see below "contest rules notes" fourth. Those years theory相关的主题文章:

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