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Vacation-Rentals One of the most exclusive hotels in Siem Reap, the impressive Frangipani Villa Hotel was opened in 2010. Located on the Wat Bo Street in the city of Siem Reap, the Frangipani Hotel you with the quietness of the neighborhood and with an attractive and warm ambiance. Situated at a small distance from the Siem Reap International Airport, just a 10-minute drive by car, and nearby the Pub Street, it is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time, but still be close to the famous restaurants from the Pub Street. Besides these attractions, you are close to magnificent examples of Cambodian architecture and culture, which you can admire by paying a visit to the beautiful Angkor Wat temples. Relax in the Beautiful Rooms of the Frangipani You can choose from the many type of rooms provided by the Frangipani Villa Hotel, such as Superior Double Rooms, Superior Twin Rooms, Standard Single Rooms, Standard Double Rooms and Standard Twin Rooms. Like in other hotels in Siem Reap, all rooms are decorated with exotic wood furniture, which makes them warm and .fortable lodgings for the tourists who decide to spend their vacations here. Each room is fitted with numerous facilities that will make your staying more pleasant, such as cable TV, internet access via Wi-Fi, a safety deposit box, a writing desk area, a mini bar, a phone, coffee and tea machines. Besides these, some rooms have spectacular private balconies with pool view or city panorama, and bathrooms with luxurious bathtubs. Enjoy Cambodian Cuisine or Get Your Favorite International Dishes At the Frangipani Villa, one of the best hotels from Siem Reap, you have access to the hotels restaurants and swimming-pool. The food is varied, .bining traditional and international cuisine, and is available at your service 24 hours a day. The terrace is the perfect place to have breakfast and at the same time to enjoy the gorgeous view over the outdoor pool. The rate of the rooms includes breakfast, coffee and laundry services. If you want to live a truly Cambodian experience, the restaurants offer you specialties such as the green mango salad with smoked fish or the spicy fish amok. Nevertheless, if you are not in the mood for something exotic and miss your own cuisine, you can try other dishes, as this excellent hotel from Siem Reap has a great assortment of international cuisine. Visit Beautiful Cambodian Landmarks and Authentic Cultural Sites Being a guest of the Frangipani makes you feel like you are a part of the cultural Cambodian setting, a feeling that is owed to the friendliness of the hotels staff. Moreover, you can easily visit the beautiful surroundings and get in touch with the local culture, with a lovely morning bike-ride. If you are looking for adventure, you can take a day-trip to explore the gorgeous landscapes nearby the city of Siem Reap. The visitors of the Frangipani Villa Hotel can opt for exciting day tours to vary the activities. These trips can stretch over one, two or three days. In the one day tour, you can visit the main temple sites; the two days tour includes a visit to the Angkor Wat temples and, optionally, a visit to the floating villages on the Tonle Sap River. The three days tour includes an excursion in the surrounding areas, time in which you will visit the Roulos Group of temples, the Angkor Wat, and also the charming Kampong Kleang village, a traditional .munity that lives on the edge of the Tonle Sap River. Visit the beautiful Frangipani Villa Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Siem Reap, to enjoy authentic Cambodian experience in a beautiful setting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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