The guy strayed into MLM nest bank Paihao paper to write help (map)-ekdv-273

The guy strayed into MLM nest bank Paihao paper to write "help" (Figure) Wang Paihao paper saved himself. Cheated to Heze into the MLM dens Wang Jiangsu guy, who in the name of the bank to get money to pay, to write the word of help in arranging the paper, bank staff immediately alarm. The police quickly rushed to the scene to watch Wang’s two marketing staff, and on the same day the MLM dens every duandiao. More than 4 received "help" bank note staff report that September afternoon, three young men came to Heze branch of the Agricultural Bank peony business point, three people take a number, one of them came to the counter where Sun Yongkang teller withdrawals business, the remaining two people were standing on both sides of the counter. Business at the counter in front of the guy to provide identity cards to Sun Yongkang, will be handed over Paihao paper. Sun Yongkang found a guy to write two words on the back of the paper: "help arranging". Sun Yongkang a surprised, feel that this person must have met something. Looking at two people stand beside a guy in the bank, and pay no attention to the words above. Sun Yongkang quickly shouted to director Zhou Yu, will be handed over to Zhou Yu Paihao paper. Zhou Yu looked at him and said, "what’s wrong with him?" and gave directions to the lobby manager. Subsequently, the lobby manager will be surrounded by two people advised to one meter away from the cordon. Sun Yongkang will be in the business slip wrote "how" will slip to the small side, said: "please sign." When the guy again will slip handed back, saying: "MLM cheated". Seeing this, Sun Yongkang will be handed over to the head side slip, while the guy said: "the business process is more complex, please wait a moment." Guy also turned to the other two people explained the situation". Zhou Yu quickly alarm, and instructed the lobby manager and other police arrived, the police will lead directly to the counter. The police successfully rescued the boy and control both the marketing staff of Heze City Public Security Bureau peony branch north police station alarm, deputy director Sun Dongbing led the police rushed to the scene, two or three minutes. "These two people are pyramid schemes, staring at me and not letting me go." See the police, the guy immediately shouted. Police will guard the guy’s two MLM personnel control. 11, 2009, to participate in the rescue operation of the police Wu Jianchun introduced, they rescued the guy Wang is Jiangsu, Huaian, aged 21, junior high school education. Guard Wang’s two MLM staff is Kwak and fan, the two are also at the age of more than and 20, education is not high. Wang introduced to the police cheated. Wang was originally a unit in Guangdong to work. Some time ago, a former colleague to call him a call, you can come to work in a hotel in Heze, not only clean and easy to live, a month can receive four thousand or five thousand dollars in wages. Unable to withstand a certain persuasion, Wang came to Heze. After Heze, Wang Mouyuan thought that soon will be able to work to the hotel, but that he did not think of is, a general take him where seven turn into a small yard, mobile phone has been received. The people who live here every day with Wang talk of "state secrets" policy, "chain management", "virtual economy" and a series of "policy", said a new model is used to sell cosmetics, just pay 2900 yuan, will be able to earn membership. In Zhejiang last year, Huzhou had been deceived into MLM nest after Wang, a.相关的主题文章:

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