The New Forest National Park Where History Meets The

Travel-and-Leisure There are more than a few things that should interest someone looking to visit or stay in the English countryside and topping the list are the wonderful number of exciting and interesting activities in the New Forest National Park. For the size of this blend of open heartlands and ancient woodlands, visitors will be first struck there so many different points of interest to be found in the 150 square miles that en.pass the park. A Great Sense Of History It’s important to remember that this is a place that has a great sense of history as well as many natural attractions. When you understand in the 12th century AD, King William I used these lands as his royal hunting grounds, you won’t be surprised to see that a small village in the south east corner of the New Forest National Park, Beaulieu, pays homage to the history of the area with a National Motor Museum, Palace House and the Beaulieu Abbey. Of course there’s enough to see here that the park offers some of the best ac.modations in the entire national park system for those visitors who find that they can’t take everything in at once. And of course when you see the options you’ll soon understand that part of the attraction to any stay in the ‘Forest’ as it’s affectionately called by the locals is in fact where you sleep. There are many choices in fine hotels that have an understandable history. Built in 1887, the Rhinefield House Hotel is a blend of Tudor and Gothic Styles and is well known in the area for luxury. It’s just one example. Camping Possibilities Still there will be those people on holiday that are looking for a more down to earth experience and for that the New Forest ac.modation offers great camping possibilities as well. While all of the fine campsites in the New Forest National Park will get you back to nature, some of the New Forest caravan parks offer shower and toilet amenities while others don’t. Regardless of the one that you finally choose, you can quite easily find yourself spending some time with the ponies and deer that inhabit the forest. There are ten different campsites to choose from that are all managed by Forest Holidays. Finally, regardless of whether you’re staying in one of the New Forest National Park’s elegant hotels or natural campsites, there are several physical activities that you can enjoy during your visit. If you’re fond of cycling, there are over one hundred miles of marked cycled routes. As well there are very few restrictions on walking in the area, and beyond the many sandy and gravel paths a good pub is never far away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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