The new song final Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng to the lovely baby-restorator

"The new song" final: Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng Wang Feng XLZY the lovely coquetry to Sina entertainment for three months of Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] "China new song" 20:00 tonight at the bird’s nest in the finals, four teams of six students will launch the final impact to the championship, being broadcast. In the live broadcast of Wang Feng [micro-blog] group and behind the scenes, Wang Feng and his wife Zhang Ziyi mentor [micro-blog] appeared together, coaching players. The interaction between husband and wife two people is full of love, has always been a serious Wang Feng in front of Zi Yi shows a side Tiehan tenderness. In the beginning of this video, Wang Feng first introduced to his students, Zi Yi: This is the teacher Zi Yi." Zi Yi heard, gently shook his head, it should be called sister Wang Feng: "!" Two the couple sat on the floor, there is no shelf is about to participate in the finals of the students put forward various pertinent recommendations, as long as one of the spouses during the speech, the other party will be gentle look to each other, eyes full of love. After that, he also personally selected for the students clothing, when you see the cloak in the closet coat, Wang Feng research: "what do you mean? Why don’t you wear the sleeves?" The voice of Zi Yi "abandon" husband: "if there is a sleeve that is also called the cloak cloak?" Husband and wife a variety of sweet little interaction also cited friends envy ridicule! People all over the country!" (XLZY) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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