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The old driver says that the bear is going to school! Know the safety car – Sohu to blink of an eye at the end of August, when the parents are to be liberated, because – bear children finally reopened!!! The holiday endlessly "troublemakers" "naughty" is not to let the parents have been exhausted? The old driver and you talk about the bear child school, our parents every day to send a car to pick up TA should pay attention to what. Only you do it, you can safely drive on the road. To tell the truth, children go to school too early, sometimes we adults can not adapt to such an early time. Plus the road will inevitably traffic jam, so the school time is not so rich. When the baby for fear of being late, he hurried to open the door to the gate rushed to jump. Old drivers can say it’s dangerous!!! Parents should not let their children get off. Children’s strength is small, if the door is opened, if not positioning, will cause the door slightly rebound. For young children, this may hurt children’s fingers. In addition, the car on the other side of the road and traffic conditions, parents on the driver’s seat may not be so clear. Suggested that young parents had better get off the door to the children themselves, close the door. The correct approach should be the parents hold children on the bus, let the children sit after the parents shut the door, lest caught her hand; get off, then get off the baby let her stand on the side of parents, observe the situation before and after, and then shut the door. Parents do not because the child can sit around to facilitate care, let the child sitting in the copilot position. Copilot position can be said to be the most dangerous position of the whole car. Some cars with double balloon balloon, once the danger of falling apart shift from one body to another, people from harm. However, due to the child’s upper body is shorter, the airbag is often the location of the collapse of the child’s head, not only can not protect the child, but will cause harm. Many parents on the road as the best time to communicate with their children. Parents and children while driving, while chatting, telling stories, even laughing, happy time will get started, scratch a joke, even a lot of snacks to let the children eat out. Do you think you are a genius? At the same time can take on so much! Due to distract the children, seriously affecting the safety of driving. When driving must concentrate, out of the bus and asked the children to be quiet; if anything happened to you, it is best to find a suitable position according to the provisions of parking, and then deal with the child. In the process of moving the child out of the window if the accident prone. In addition, many vehicles now have automatic window function, when the window is closed, if the child will be the future of the head or arm to recover, it is likely to be injured. For car interior decoration, there must be no sharp and hard things, so as to ensure that in the event of an accident, children will not be hurt because of the impact on them. In addition, some cases may not be harmful to adults, but may harm infants and young children. With small pets placed in front of the perfume, decoration, such as adhesion is not strong, once it has been violent rear end ejection seat, height is often!相关的主题文章:

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