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The owner put toilet basin antifreeze tenants after entering carbon poisoning died in Shaanxi court carbon pipes antifreeze basin network owner in the toilet, but the tenant into them after poisoning, resulting in dead and another injured in the tragedy. In September 27th, the people’s Court of the Dingbian county public cause carbon monoxide poisoning death case verdict, negligence causing death and sentenced the defendant Liu Yang (a pseudonym) was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years. In December 22, 2015 17 PM, Liu Yang will burn the carbon pot into their own yard in the toilet, the toilet water tank to prevent freezing, 21 o’clock that night, Liu Yangjia and Yan Mei tenants year-and-a-half-old son KBA on the toilet, due to carbon monoxide poisoning fainted in the toilet, one hour later, Yan Mei’s husband came back from work find and rescue his wife and son immediately rushed to the hospital. But his son sent to the hospital has no signs of life, Yan after the rescue is to save lives but need long-term hospitalization. After inspection, the victim died from carbon monoxide poisoning characteristics in line with KBA. After the incident, the parties voluntarily reach a compensation agreement, a one-time compensation for victims of Liu Yang KBA family funeral expenses, death compensation fees totaling 259 thousand yuan; Yan Mei for medical expenses, lost income, nursing fees and all other expenses totaling 41 thousand yuan. The court held that the defendant Liu Yang that carbon monoxide can cause death, due to negligence and unforeseen, cause others died, their behavior violated the right of life of others, constitute a crime of negligence causing death. Then on the basis of the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the relevant provisions, made the above decision on it. (text characters pseudonym) Note: the video is only extended reading. The couple eating wild mushroom poisoning died chicken vomit died on the spot

房主厕所内放碳盆防冻 房客进入后中毒一死一伤陕西法院网讯 房主厕所内放入碳盆防冻水管冻裂,不料房客进入其中后中毒,造成一死一伤的悲剧。9月27日,定边县人民法院公开对该起因一氧化碳中毒死亡的案件作出一审判决,以过失致人死亡罪判处被告人刘杨(化名)有期徒刑2年,缓刑3年。2015年12月22日下午17时许,刘杨将燃烧的碳盆放入自家院子的厕所内,以防止厕所内水缸冻住,当晚21时,刘杨家租户闫梅与其一岁半的儿子高宝上厕所,因一氧化碳中毒晕倒在厕所内,一个小时后,闫梅的丈夫下班回来发现立即施救并将妻子、儿子送往医院。但其子送到医院后已无生命迹象,闫某经抢救虽挽回生命但需长期住院治疗。经检验,被害人高宝符合一氧化碳中毒致死特征。案发后双方当事人自愿达成赔偿协议,由刘杨一次性赔偿被害人高宝家属丧葬费、死亡赔偿金等各项费用共计25.9万元;赔偿闫梅医疗费、误工费、护理费等一切费用共计4.1万元。法院经审理认为,被告人刘杨明知一氧化碳能够致人死亡,因疏忽大意而未预见,导致他人经抢救无效死亡,其行为侵犯了他人生命权,构成过失致人死亡罪。遂依据《中华人民共和国刑法》相关规定,对其作出以上判决。(文中人物均为化名)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 夫妻吃野蘑菇中毒一死一伤 鸡吃呕吐物当场死亡相关的主题文章:

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