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"The poet" exposed the first flower Zhang Rui turned Zha open fantasy journey – Sohu entertainment Zhang Rui Zhang Rui in the studio as Wu Daozi Zhang Rui the poet for Sohu entertainment news by Zhang Rui, Gao Yang, Xu Haiqiao, Xu Lu starred in the fantasy drama "poet" recently released the first trailer. In the exposure of the trailer, Zhang Rui plays Wu Daozi Junsu yet clear, all starring emotional entanglements between full exposure, interlocking plot setting, grand and stunning visual scenes, made a lot of friends shouted: "watching the preview effects at least a dollar value!!" "Well, look forward to Rui brother how fancy child monster", "trailers have been released, how far will the broadcast feature!!". "Poet" tells the story of a Shirasawa Youngjun and San Wu Daozi by master instruct with the beauty of the iceberg catch demon division plume and lovely white poisonous medicine??, the mysterious young Lu, forbear adorable upright laity a surname, went to Penglai to seal the demon destroy the demon midway a series of wonderful stories. "Letters" is the first type of fantasy starring Zhang Rui costume drama, in the play he played a witty and free generation of San Wu Daozi. The "letters" is to "Gu Jian" style and art team, will bring a new visual effect for the "letters", luxury production team is expected to reproduce the classic fantasy. Whether the VFX team strong creative team or strength, are showing "letters" will be a sincerity to make.   相关的主题文章:

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