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The deployment of the "Islamic Kandel" missile – Military – picture of Russia in the Kaliningrad region of Russia recently in the Kaliningrad area the deployment of the "Islamic Kandel" missiles, Poland and other countries caused vigilance. Russian Defense Ministry 8, said it was deployed in the normal military training, is not a secret operation. Kaliningrad area is a Russian enclave, on the border with NATO members Poland and Lithuania, the recent deployment of mobile "Islamic Kandel" missiles can carry nuclear warheads. Russia had deployed the same missile in 2014. Russian media reported that "the independent", "Islamic Kandel" of the United States in NATO countries deployed ground-based interceptor missiles targeted very strong. To pose a threat to the latter, only the "Islamic Kandel" deployed in Kaliningrad. On the Russian side of this action, Reuters quoted U.S. military intelligence officers as saying that this may be harmful". Poland’s defense minister Ma Chellie Vecchi, 8, told the media: Russia’s recent actions raised concerns." Lithuania’s foreign minister, Link Vee Chus, said Russia’s latest missile deployment will not only lead to regional tensions, and may violate international agreements. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J said in a statement the same day, these missile forces have been deployed more than once, the outside world does not have to read too much. Russian Federation Commission (upper house of parliament) vice chairman of the National Defense Commission Colin Cevic said that Russia has no intention to "fight" with any other countries, so there is no need to fear. (Xia Wenhui) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章:

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