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The song "Chengdu" Shuabing? The reason for love here, ten thousand are not enough – Sohu travel (this article from the WeChat public number Chengdu tour around the ID:cdzhoubian, welcome attention ~ ~) fall in love with a song, love a city. Chengdu, you can’t go, only you. And I take a walk in the streets of Chengdu until all the lights will not stop you held my sleeve I will handle chuaijin pocket to go to Yulin at the end of the road and sat in the pub at the gate of the rain in the town of Chengdu I never forget you can not go with you this only two one day, the first "Chengdu" maxed out Chengdu’s circle of friends, scared brother quickly went to the exclusion of Kazakhstan, the single cycle all day, do not stop. A song to sing the voice of all the people of Chengdu. Some people say that the lyrics are more touching than everyone’s comments: Blue Summer plume days: the first time to listen to Chengdu, is the tone of the version is not clear, there is a girl with a Sichuan accent in the call, eat hot pot! Listen to Chengdu, micro-blog on the pure version of the piano, short, memorable. The third edition of the Chengdu times, is our Xi’an concert, you open the torch, repeated chorus melody, the stars shone in the night. Now, the bus is very crowded, music can save what I do not know, I only know this moment I have to listen to you sing, the final Chengdu. Eggs: Chengdu dumbass love the vagaries of the weather or the rain love Chengdu love everywhere Hot pot shop and snacks can go to the pub to love a month livehouse big 3 soon graduated maybe later will leave Chengdu in Chengdu to a Leizi concert so we always feel perfect 11.5 Chengdu to see "Chengdu" Qingfeng blowing Soda: because of a song for a city in Chengdu. Once the Wuhou Temple Jinli Street Du Fu Thatched Cottage Qingyang Temple Tianfu Square Chunxi Road Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley Zhaojue Temple Wenshu have become memories. Cristiano- Dragon: the girl with a remote two years in Chengdu, first heard in Chengdu, immediately to share with her, she seemed to be in my heart forever with cicada in summer, strange flavor at the school gate dry pot toilet string, a wild profusion of vegetation of bamboo, antique streams of people busily coming and going Street, alley… But the girl told me that the song was too slow. Later, she came to Beijing, we are no longer distant, and then we are no longer in love, I am sorry, I really did not take you away from Chengdu… Zhai Xiaoshu: love in the streets, in the bar, in the grass, in the opposite Qingdao sea sang the familiar song, personal sorrow and joy their own experience, is about to embark on a wonderful ride folk travel, and look forward to the Chengdu meeting, on the streets of Chengdu singing this song, handle chuaijin pocket, sit in the tavern door, just a quiet walk, disappeared in the light at the end of this walk, walk to the end of their choice of life! Each comment has a story, in the city of Chengdu, there are too many memories can not forget. Native born people never thought of going out, far away friends do not want to go. Chengdu, if you can’t take it, let me stay and love you!相关的主题文章:

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