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"The sparrow" family story cited resonance transfer to upgrade the country belief sparrow _04 > > > click to enter the Tencent is watching the video, "Yun Zhi" Tencent entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" on the second day yesterday, the plot fully upgraded, all characters at. Wang suddenly appeared in the latent lover Xu Bicheng, surrounded by more than a husband called the sea of Tangshan, and the Tang Dynasty, Xu’s true identity is the same with the latent task of the Kuomintang juntong agent; once on the battlefield rescue life has now become yoshie Bi Zhongliang, No. 76 spy head careful, have, for this all doubt…… Step by step the pace to leave the old spy fans Lianhu fun, and the play presents a fine to every detail in the reduction and sense of substitution and we also made a lot of passers-by turn pink, high ratings go all the way. With the launch of the first day, last night, data show that in the young audience groups after 85, 90 ratings share growth of nearly 50%, watching the crowd and have received higher education is to increase 65%. Has been to war as the background of the traditional Spy Drama to mature age audience as the main audience, called love my mom and dad are watching TV, not many young audiences are often interested in. Different viewing habits and needs, making it difficult to reach a consensus in front of the tv. However, in recent years with the technique of expression, narrative updates and a group of young actors, the spy drama also entered the "adolescence", the whole family can find resonance in the same work, "sparrow" is a typical representative among them. As netizens said: "today, I do not have to grab the remote control of my father and my mother! Now our family Ge Youtan on the sofa to see the "sparrow", "too tight, my dad is not allowed to change the advertising!" "Only," sparrow "can stop my mother square dance strength……". All the young actor’s performance has also been recognition of the audience: Li Yifeng comrades tortured relatives regardless of the face of the surface of the calm but heartache extreme struggle, or "angry" brother to brother playfully shamelessly Liaotiaozi, a series of body language and emotion are obvious progress; Zhang Ruoyun graceful, even the figure is Dongyu Zhou’s opera; small expressions and complete state is like a daughter of a humble family of Jiangnan gentle woman; Kan Qingzi’s set is wild and shy, but also further stimulate everyone on the role of interest. The strength of many school performance is a charm: every subtle expression conveys the Luyi Zhang emotion, thinking changes are subtle characters to have to point praise; Li Xiaoran grasp the role of delicate and precise, more specific and less specific problems; and miss Wang Jinsong while playing a few shots, but gas filling, resourceful officialdom means deep and complex thoughts have been quite concise description, people full of hope. Indeed, for the sparrow, the role played by young actors is far more than the value of yan. As the producers said, through their own characters of serious shape transfer history and mission to young people, beliefs and feelings, inheritance and play, this is what we want to spread the "only the motherland and faith to live up to the core concept, believe.相关的主题文章:

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