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The Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan to continue to urge the mainland tourists – accident claims of Beijing Beijing in September 14, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang today to talk about the tour in Taiwan, a serious fire incident "said, Taiwan will continue to urge the parties to the families of the victims to claim work, and assist to handle other related affairs. A reporter asked, in a press conference today before the date of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Taiwan prosecutors announced the tour, serious fire incidents investigation results, the compensation is started? In addition, there are also public opinion on the island that this matter is not only a serious impact on the island’s tourism industry, the Taiwan authorities in the event as a result of the intention is also alienated from the mainland, I would like to ask the spokesman for this comment? Ma Xiaoguang response, the relevant parties in Taiwan announced the 7 – 19 incident investigation results, we have already made a statement in the first time. This is obviously a vicious criminal cases with outrageous. Some words and deeds this vicious criminal cases and over a period of time the emergence of hurting the feelings of compatriots on both sides, the serious influence to the mainland residents to travel. He said that the next step, we will continue to urge the parties concerned in Taiwan to do the work of the families of the victims of the claim, and to help deal with other follow-up related matters. July 19th 13 am, Liaoning overseas international travel agency to Taiwan tour bus ride to the airport in Taipei, Taoyuan highway 2 West 2.8 kilometers out of control and hit the fence, the front of the fire burning, all 26 people on board were killed.相关的主题文章:

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