The tree was knocked out a cellular woman from the hornet’s hair (Figure)

The tree was knocked out a cellular woman from the hornet’s hair (Figure) the wasps sting sections, that the garden workers are pruning branches down caused by wasp stings. Passers-by were stung by the end, sent to hospital for treatment, vomiting. Mr. Chen had to shave the hair at the back. Original title: Fuzhou: Heaven honeycomb, woman from the hair out of a wasp to catch bad luck, drink a cup of cold water are Seya, walking on the road, may also be a wasp sting. This morning, Fuzhou Gulou road Fuqin terrified people. A thriller Garden Department staff are pruning branches, is normal. Don’t want a hornet’s nest with the tree in the tree falls, landing moment, flocks of wasp stings swarmed into the sky, passers-by. Which has two people, is the head of the wasp sting, scalp pain, to the hospital. > > > > trees hidden hornet’s nest, many pedestrians being stung today at four pm, the reporter was in the emergency department of people’s Hospital of Fujian traditional Chinese medicine university affiliated, saw one was stung Ms. Zhang, she was lying in bed a bit. The reporter noted that Ms. Zhang sallow complexion, pale lips, arms and face are red dots of wasp sting, head and dense hair swollen bag. Accompany her to see a doctor Chen repeatedly emotion: really bad luck!" Ms. Zhang told reporters the sea with a feeble voice, today at 10 o’clock in the morning, she was riding the electric car, way Fuqin Road, see the garden workers are pruning the trees on both sides of the road. "From the beginning of 23, there are workers in this pruning branches. Ms. Zhang said, to see this scene, she did not feel anything, according to the original route to work, all the way forward to ride. And the accident happened suddenly. Ms. Zhang suddenly saw a branch in the road, drop from the clouds, followed by a group of wasps poured out, she quickly sped away, but it’s chase her, stung her arm, face and head, "only a wasp particularly large, long fingers. I readily to hair grab, grab a handful of wasp." "I rode to run away, just off chasing wasp. Ms. Zhang said, her head, arms have been stung by a wasp. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang rushed to the nearby clinic treatment, and go home to rest. This thought did not matter, but after the arrival of Ms. Zhang, I feel more and more uncomfortable body. The scalp hair pain, breathing is not smooth, the whole people are particularly weak." Subsequently, a friend to accompany Ms. Zhang to the hospital for treatment, during the treatment, Ms. Zhang appeared several times vomiting symptoms. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Ms. Zhang pain, numbness symptoms are caused by bee venom, through blood tests, Ms. Zhang in inflammation. Coincidentally, Fuzhou Mr. Chen was also with the tree falling wasp sting head. His wife Ms. Gao told reporters the sea, was stung after Mr. Chen returned to the shop to do business. But the head pain has become increasingly intense, people are very weak, and the wound was swollen, Mr. Chen hurried to the General Hospital of Nanjing military hospital in Fuzhou. The doctor treated the wound and prescribed some medicine for him to go home. To 7 at 2 tonight.相关的主题文章:

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