The US military or deliberately leaked the use of military force precursor tough military channel So-zhuxianduowan

The US military action against Syria or intentionally leaked news Russia tough precursor – Sohu in October 6, Moscow Military Channel: 6 local time, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said that any of the control of the government of Syria within the scope of the air strikes will be made on the Russian threat. In September 17th, the United States "mistaken bombing" located near the Syria airport Deir ezzor army stronghold, resulting in hundreds of soldiers casualties. Recently, the U.S. media reports, the The Pentagon and the CIA internal people are discussing the position of the Syrian government launched air strikes to aid Syria moderate opposition. In this regard, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement stressed that Russia does not rule out the U.S. military deliberately leaked the news to the media, as a prelude to its actual action, the purpose is to test the parties to respond. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J held in Moscow on the day of the press conference said that at present in the control of the government of Syria within the Russian officers working in the center of the parties to the ceasefire, and Russian personnel responsible for the delivery of humanitarian relief supplies, and Department of Syria branch of the armed forces on behalf of the negotiations. Therefore, any missile attack or air strikes on the government of Syria will be a significant threat to Russian soldiers. Kona Schenker J said that Syria government forces now have S200, such as beech air defense missile system, while Russian troops in the Syria have S300 and S400 air defense missile system. These weapons can be implemented by surprise to any unidentified flying targets. Russia has now made all necessary preparations, in response to the "similar to the September 17th" bombing "".相关的主题文章:

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