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Three year old child died after eating, too many things! Sohu maternal and child recently, there is a message on micro-blog, Qingdao, a three year old girl, because of improper eating persimmon, lost his life. A persimmon can be deadly, is true or false? What is the reason for this? In this hospital the child accident, Doctor Li deputy director of admissions at surgery, she said, when the child is already sent, fell into a coma. The situation is very serious. Confusion, weak pulse, after diagnosis, doctors believe that children need surgical treatment. Then we check the emergency, and down. After the initial diagnosis, Doctor Li believes that the child is due to acute dilatation of the stomach caused gastric perforation, flatulence, the various organs of the body within the shift, which appeared in various symptoms of acid poisoning. So, why the child suddenly stomach perforation, and why can cause acidosis? Although the hospital to rescue, but the failure of various organs, and ultimately failed to keep the young life. Only three years old, because eat persimmon, actually lost to the life. When the parents have to regret it, right? The original, containing a tannic acid substance, tannic acid in persimmon skin, with protein binding, will produce a precipitate, called gastric calculus. The little girl, who just said, had some stomach stones in his stomach, and he occupied a large position in his abdominal cavity. Before some people may have heard of gastrolithiasis Diospyrobezor later, is to eat persimmons, tannic acid and protein binding. Here, we might as well do an experiment. First, we prepared a cup of milk on the table. Then we also prepared the persimmon, we might as well try, first put the persimmon, take some, put into the glass. Let’s just say the little girl is, after eating persimmon, drank a lot of milk, also is to look after this, with the combination of tannic acid protein, we also need a little persimmon skin, because just emphasized, persimmon skin contains tannic acid is the most, so now we put the milk go against a stir. We note that, in fact, particularly evident in the glass wall of the cup we see a lot of this kind of crystal like small particles, is a lot of condensate. Persimmon and milk together will produce a white precipitate, it is likely to form stones. Such as milk, soy milk, seafood, etc.. Some contain zinc enzyme iron food, can not eat with persimmon. Spinach, for example. This we know, eat persimmon can not eat the same food: milk, crab, these two are high protein foods. It is also sweet potato, high starch foods, also difficult to digest with easy to precipitate and tannic acid. There is spinach, because it contains a high amount of iron. Remember, these foods can not eat the same persimmon! Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

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