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Top7-or-Top10-Tips Time is lost is time wasted. This is an old adage that while most people agree with, do not necessarily live up to. Time is always of the essence (another cliche) and businesses should always be mindful of the time that their employees spend during their work hours. Why so? Let me count ways: Time is Money. Businesses are always interested in tracking time. Given a particular day, employees can only do so much that is why every minute inside (or outside when fieldwork is required) the office counts. Lost time is when an employee chooses to be unproductive and does not perform the job that he or she is supposed to do. Using a time tracking software, you can record the start and end time of your employees for each specific task or project that they are working on. For some, it would simply mean logging in once in the morning and logging out after office hours. On the other hand, this can also mean more frequent log in and out due to the variety of tasks assigned. Whatever your business requires, a time tracking software can help you record the same information easily and more accurately. You Save Time, therefore You also Save Money. Time tracking software lessens the operating costs of your business. For one reason, it allows you to create payroll or invoices in a more efficient manner (saving you a lot of time). Of course, with a time tracking software like GetMyTime, you can view your manpower cost per project so you can track down which job youre spending too much time at. Save Less on Multiple Platforms. A lot of time tracking software like GetMyTime can be accessed using multiple platforms. Regardless if youre using a Windows, iOS or Linux environment, you can guarantee access to the time tracking software of your choice. All you have to do is open your browser, type in the address of your time tracking provider (i.e., http:beta.getmytime.com), log in and voila! You can enter your time as you wish. You can have your employees use their mobile phones, tablets or computers. Wherever they are, there is no reason for them to miss their time. Accessibility Increases Productivity. Given that your time tracking software does can be accessed anywhere and anytime, you can check on your employees time and monitor their productivity without requiring your physical presence in the office. You can be on a business meeting in Europe or Asia but as long as you can get online, theres no stopping you from monitoring your employees time, creating your payroll, invoicing your clients and of course, hampering your productivity. You dont need a huge business to use a time tracking software. As long as you are dedicated to maximizing time, increasing revenue and monitoring productivity, a time tracking software like GetMyTime can just be your best bud. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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