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Too strong has been weakened! Those who have high light moments of the LOL hero – Sina hero League area "LOL" each hero has a high light moment, have you ever experienced these heroes the highest light moment? The auxiliary NO.1 bloom of meat, I had to use him to beat AD on single core, broken out after the broken, as long as the Q people, basically the head is not run, then attack cut, Q damage reduction, W armor bonus can not hit on a single reduction. NO.2 Nar Nar is also cut pretty hard ah, each stage of growth directly attack speed was cut in half, base damage reduced Q, Q before the boomerang was picked up one soldier skills cooling time will be shortened. Tsar NO.3 this hero is very strong, because of his soldiers and sand is too fatal strokes. In particular, before the powerful passive CD can increase the speed of attack, so that sand soldiers hurt more, and their own skills to cool faster, very OP. NO.4 Carly Starr because of skill characteristics, let him become a good beating dragon, often Baron the body was filled with countless spears, were subsequently beheaded. NO.5 AIKE Ai Kegang out of the time, but very OP, Q damage bonus is now doubled, W base absorption damage is now more than double the current high. Captain NO.6 peak 1 is under way assist our tanks captain, the captain only Q soldier teammates killed after both sides can get 15 dollars. When NO.7 thousand thousand Yu Jue just can say all big dragon dragons is not lost, then passive was slashed, but in the high-end qualifying 1000 Jue is common. NO.8 is the place to get hurt in peak times. Additional real, when the enchantress after 6 to do the same thing, the number of bills. QR is dead, not even w! NO.9 E get arthorn sword idea of value is 20%, 100% additional damage cap (4), 1300 cast range R, passive life value of 690. It seems that the cut is not very powerful, play up to understand the very hard. NO.10 gold gold marks with marks now compared to the previous Lolita is insignificant, the extra 5 Q based attack speed was cut by nearly half, W damage has been cut a lot, reduce development time, range of E was also reduced. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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