Tracking and anti tracking, paparazzi chasing the stars in the reversal of the routine

Tracking and anti tracking, paparazzi chasing the stars in the routine reverse [Abstract] since November 17th, eight points every Thursday evening, Tencent will be broadcast video "where are you going", want to know the star was "chase shop" is how the scene after routine reversal? Come and see for yourself. Hawick Lau and Wang Ou Tencent entertainment Zhuangao FUN planning from Hawick Lau Gunn and Wang Ou’s "the night to discuss the script" to the new Jin floret Yang Zi love exposure, recent entertainment on the star was something that candid, and to give you the added a lot of talk at leisure. A lot of friends in Hawick Lau and Wang Ou gossip in the end is how to discuss the script "at the same time, there are also many netizens questioned:" why can our hotel in a flagrant way in the formal?" In fact, between the star and the paparazzi doomed love to kill full routine, imagine if one day, the reversal of the routine, what will be? The star was photographed routine: Hotel, you will find that the curtain minefield is entertainment of a love for their natal powder worry, you think the class of hotel security, may be taken; you think safe in your own home, may be shot…… We observe the star film history, you will find that there is a routine film star, especially the star was taken place almost is that a few big minefield. A: the Hawick Lau Hotel minefield and Wang Ou is in the hotel had been shot behind. And the videotaping of a lens holder to ramp door or corridor, can only say that the paparazzi is not only an early check, it is unremittingly. Although Hawick Lau and Wang Ou are not in the room in the script, but at least they took the light changes. When Hawick Lau entered the room, the room lights and bathroom lights were bright. How even promised to show the innocence of the body, but netizens flooded the lights on the script "doubt is unavoidable. Stars in the hotel is indeed a technical work, what will be accidentally discovered. Last year, Chen is also so, with Zhang Zixuan live hotel was shot, let the years of painstaking efforts of the "good man" image instantly collapse. Of course, not all are photographed in the hotel is derailed. For example, Chen Xiaohe Michelle Chen is after being photographed two homoclinic Hotel, simply public affair, followed by the proposal, then the new year to meet the parents, and then tied the knot. Area two: airport, customs appear together in the hotel, basically will be in people’s impression that they must be in a certain kind of "can’t be described". But what if it’s outside the hotel? That is to shoot or be shot, silly not clear. Most people do not know is that was photographed at the airport, for example, in February this year, Gloria Tang was photographed with brilliance yu. Star must be first class, the first class is the first class lounge and exclusive security channel, your boarding pass and baggage is also able to let the assistant to handle the natural. But in February this year, just Huachen Yu and Gloria Tang was photographed at the airport staged love would kill". Two popular idol, so no warning was photographed. Of course, some people have been photographed is obviously not.相关的主题文章:

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