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Marketing-Direct One of the most important parts of growing your home party business is an effective home party plan training program. Your field reps are one of the most important assets you have, and it is a good idea to have a .prehensive training program in place to help them learn the business and work closely with party hostesses. When you put together a good training program, it can eliminate a lot of the costly mistakes that an inexperienced field rep may make. Remember that growing your party business is important, but growing it in a way that is smart and effective is a top priority. Home Party Plan Introduction Material Every new direct sales consultant should get a package of introduction material to review when they join. When you start out with new field reps, it may be difficult to schedule training sessions exactly when you want them. That is why you want to give your new consultants upfront information that will help them to get familiar with the product and the process. All of your home party plan training materials should have your contact information on them including a phone number and email address. You will want to create as many open avenues of .munication as possible to make sure your reps get the information they need in a timely manner. Business Internet Training Training on the internet is more popular. There are two ways in which you can use the Internet to train your new field reps. First is to create a secured message board that only your consultants can log into where they can get important information and leave questions for you to answer. The reason that a message board works so well is because you can answer a question from one of your reps but all of your reps will benefit from the answer you give. You can sign up for a free message board and never have to pay to have this valuable resource. Another way that the Internet can help you in training new consultants is through video conferencing. You can schedule training classes that can be done over the Internet using video cameras and free video conferencing software. This will help reduce the scheduling problems you may have with your new field reps. Do you have the passion for sales? Sales takes a special type of talent. You have to be able to handle rejection on a regular basis, you need to be able to remain optimistic in the face of adversity and you need to possess the ability to greet each and every sales call with a smile. People who think that sales is work often have a difficult time selling products. Those who believe that sales is more like a social event than work usually do well. Consultant Training Before Party Experience Do not bring your new field reps into a party situation until they have undergone the basic training first. The reason for this is because basic training will explain all of the essential information your reps will need before they see their first party. If your consultants do not understand the basics, then trying to understand a party in action will be pointless. Business Training In Field Before you allow your field reps to be.e actively involved in the business, you should give them at least two weeks of field training. Let them watch how you host a party and then allow them to host their first party with you in attendance. For your business to succeed, all of your direct sales consultants need to be trained properly. By using the right resources and developing a proper schedule, you can get your field reps ready to go in a relatively short period of time. Your team training techniques will determine the success of your business as well as the new direct sales consultant’s business . 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