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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews If you need to promote awareness or you are thinking of a fundraiser or showing support for some cause, then you should definitely use the silicon wristbands. You can also use these wristbands for some sports team, marketing, promoting, camping, etc. 100% high quality silicone rubber is used in the manufacturing of these rubber bracelets.You usually provide certain souvenirs to the guest for some fundraiser, a sports match, promoting awareness for some cause, at wedding or during some business promotions. Instead of wasting a lot of money on items like pen or key rings, give them these silicone wristbands with some meaningful message that will you can buy with just a few cents each. 100% latex free silicon materials are used for making the silicone wristbands. Firstly, the raw silicon is used which is very elastic in texture. Color is then added to the raw silicon and then the material is folded for several times. Colors are used according to the orders. Then this material is rolled into sheets. It is then heated at 200c degree and then made in the shape of bracelets by using molds.The molds are made of steels and have got the inscriptions in it. When the silicon is placed into it the message gets imprinted on it. There are silicon wristbands that are manufactured by some .panies which have .e up with some new brilliant ideas of rubber bracelets. They have .bined the concept of wristbands with some new interesting gadgets. There can be found some USB wristbands now. As the technology and digital media popular the .bining of it with the wristbands have be.e a great craze. These can store music, images, videos and other datas from the internet or .puter. These bracelets have got a very high response from the public as well. The USB wristband can be used for several purposes such as; the photographers can easily share their photos with their clients. These are also provided in schools to the students for the storage of their homework or data. These can also be used in parties for playing some music. As these are USB bracelets, you can wear it in your hand and move about without being concerned about where to keep it safe. The musicians can also use these bracelets for providing their fans with music downloads in MP3 format in their blogs. These USB bracelets has a storage capacity of 1GB to 8GB, it depends on the demands of the customers whether they need to store huge number of datas or small. Huge corporate organizations are also using the USB wristbands for their power point presentations. They are now able to upload annual reports and prospectus for their clients. Now with the use of USB bracelets they can imprint the name of their .pany in the bands and the presence of USB help them in introducing the data of their work to the clients.These rubber bracelets with USB have made it easy for the business people to store their product catalogues. It is now not necessary to spend any money on printing the huge catalogues and while updating the product it is not essential to print new catalogues. Just changing the data is sufficient. Another type of wristband that has been introduced is the Citronella Mosquito Repellent wristbands. These are 100% latex free bracelets which are not harmful like the DEET products. The use of natural citronella oil helps in keeping mosquitos and insects away for almost 6 hours. There are few silicon wristbands that are made by using lasers. The laser works like a printer. From the bracelet, the laser burns out a layer of silicon from the wristband. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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